Which ssri is best for depression?

It’s time to get serious about antidepressants. Except not really, because we’re going to try and make this as lighthearted as possible. Depression is just a big old bucket of laughs, right?

But seriously, jokes aside, depression is a real problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be debilitating and difficult to treat without help.

One treatment option for depression that has gained popularity in recent years is Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs for short.

So which SSRI is the best for depression? Let’s take a humorous dive into some options and see what shakes loose.

But First… What Is an SSRI?!

Before we begin discussing all of the drugs that might help alleviate your sadness, let us briefly touch on what they are; if you’re being treated by such medications already feel free to prank those around you pretending like you don’t know. SSRIs act on serotonin levels within our brains – basically changing how much “feel-good” hormone floating around inside each person’s noggin! You could almost say it acts similarly removing one’s negative opinions towards cats online…but not quite!

Alrighty Then- Here Are Some Top Choices


Prozac™ (fluoxetine) was released over 30 years ago in 1987 but still remains a popular drug used today due its potent influence on serotonin suppression capabilities while also having fewer side effects compared many other common psychiatric aids. A commonly asked question when recommending therapy as “have I seen changes?” fortunately with regular conscious use patients have noted improvements gradually after initial dilution phase beginning in weeks two through six and intensifying up until week sixteen. Pausing use should only be done after under direct instruction from their doctor and isn’t advised at convenience or curiosity according t experts.
Prozac has become so ubiquitous that it’s been made into cocktails – forget the martinis, anyone in search of a prescription pep-up can choose between Fluoxetine Fizz or Prozac-tini! But be warned, no one will want to be around you because you’ll constantly talk from little imaginary creatures lurking behind every surface.


Enter parissant (sertraline), Generla Electric’s own personal choice commonly known as Paxil™,. Different types of SSRIs appear to function just about the same with the exception for small differences in how long their effects last. Both medications are examples and work for most clients.

Celexa & Lexapro Together!

Did you know that citalopram (Celexa℞) and escitalopram (Lexapro℞) can act similarly within your body but have various side-effect rates? As both utilize similar ingredients at base levels, those thinking they’re different can sometimes find out too late- never judge a book by its cover new readers! While not identical replacements nor combining together well without instruction 😅 these two buddies when taken correctly could turn frown upside down!

Durability is key—Which One Lasts Longer?

As previously mentioned there aren’t significant effects distinguishing various drugs effecting brain chemistry of depression therapy. People often worry over big variations during long term uses like compare costs due decreased availability or daily affordably versus monthly subscription models. The cost also fluctuates heavily which depending on insurance coverage could endanger filling via an appropriate provider – while helpful this shouldn’t sway to take all options available instead leaving everything up until your pharmacist offers insight dealing extreme mental imbalances. So while conversations swirl surrounding whether short-term trial treatments prove better than dedicated regiments toward chronic depression requires patients courageously continue looking through each phase ultimately wanting success even after initial doubt and months’ worth drink recipes from earlier.

Will There Ever Be A Solution?

Figuring out the best SSRI to combat depression ultimately requires cutting down endless list choices until person can confidently find most ideal fit. And don’t worry if a medication doesn’t affect someone as ideally as they’d hoped there’s always comedies available on Netflix or walking 5,000 miles away!


As with all treatments for depressive symptoms seeking help and support should be considered before diving into everything that was mentioned before. Remember you are not alone, even those anti-depressant catalogs come long flights over Pacific waters guaranteed to show each of us along!

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