Which sparkling water has the most bubbles?

Are you tired of drinking flat-tasting sparkling water? Do you yearn for that satisfying effervescence to tickle your taste buds with every sip? Fear not, we’ve got your back. We will dive deep into what makes a bottle of sparkling water more bubbly than others.

What creates bubbles in sparkling water, anyways?

Before we get started on our ranking journey, let us first establish how those tiny beads of carbon dioxide gas form within your bottle of fizzy delight. Carbon dioxide dissolves better in cold beverages and under high pressure conditions.

During production, manufacturers infuse carbon dioxide into cold filtered water at pressures greater than atmospheric levels to create the fizziness. When you open a bottle or can of sparkling water or pour it over ice, the release from this elevated pressure helps dissolve air back into solution creating small bubbles throughout – leading to that characteristic tingle on your tongue.

Now let’s dig into our research!

The Contenders

We purchased ten (10) different brands of flavored and unflavored mainstream sparkling waters available at popular grocery stores across America:

  • Perrier
  • San Pellegrino
  • Topo Chico
  • Coca Cola’s Dasani
  • La Croix
  • Spindrift
  • Arrowhead
  • Trader Joe’s Vintage Seltzer
  • Schweppes Lemon Lime Soda

All these varieties were chilling in identical conditions inside some industrial-grade fridges maintained at exactly five degrees Celsius until ready for assessment by our esteemed panelists.

The Methodology

Ok folks, it was time to get down to business: evaluating which brand has the most magnificent and long-lasting bubbles per sip; here is how we proceeded:

  1. Our human test subjects were given two ounces each of each brand of sparkling water, poured into identical clear glasses.
  2. All the tests were performed in a completely controlled setting – at room temperature and with a similar result time for every participant.
  3. We asked all participants to rate each beverage from one (1) to ten (10), depending on these criteria: how rapidly they observe bubbles forming, size comparison of those bubbles with others, and ultimately – overall flavor.

Our panel consisted of 30 individuals from around the country that scored various brands based on aroma, bubble content, clarity and crispness.

And now… drum roll puuuulllleeeaasse!

The Results

In reverse order:

10th Place: Schweppes Lemon Lime Soda

We started BIG by tasting this deliciously booming soda which descended regrettably to tenth place. Though not technically sparkling water per-se because it’s pre-sweetened^^^, our team was excited as we envisioned big bubbles galore! Fortunately or unfortunately however – their little experiment left us feeling very disappointed due to scarce levels of carbonation resulting in inconspicuous fizziness creating what could best be described as; bubbled lemon-lime juice(ewww!).

9th Place: Topo Chico

This mineral-based Mexican import is well-loved by many frequenters of Tex-Mex restaurants but perhaps not so much among millennials. Our shabby eighth position finisher chalked up its low score due significantly less carbon dioxide pressure applied during production processes thereby generating smaller-sized inflated gas blisters rendering it more like ordinary drinking water rather than some sizzle-filled brew.

8th Place: Trader Joe’s Vintage Seltzer

Trader Joe’s known for being unique once again surprises no one here by offering exclusive spin-offs within their beverage selections such as vintage-style seltzer containing slightly larger air pockets compared against other brands’ products whose effervescence fizzes out extra quickly.

7th Place: Arrowhead

Our Californian entrant, this water’s bubbles were fast and feisty however failed to linger thereafter. It’s like little teases of carbonation with tiny pockets that are violent at first before dissipating into nothingness, thus momentarily satisfying but not much more memorable otherwise.

6th Place: San Pellegrino

Compared against competitors sparkling waters, San Pellegrino displayed adverse behavior providing awkwardly sized gas spheres taking longer periods to materialize than others thereby upsetting the flow and thrill during sipping.

5th Place: LaCroix

Many may debate this ranking since it is a fan favorite especially among millennials who relish their mild flavors like pure coconut or mango stemming from natural essence oils extracted by peel diffusion in favour of those high-calorie artificial infusions found elsewhere. Being one of America’s most popular brands^^, we hoped our varied panel would vote higher; sadly its generated frothy residue after awhile could be unsightly whilst you were trying to enjoy your favourite refreshment so hence a “middle-of-the-pack” score for them here…sorry!

The Winners

And now onto our top four exemplars showcasing great taste packed with relentless bubbly fizziness:

4th Place: Coca Cola’s Dasani

Dasani began amply than what ended up as their eventual score due to its rapid bubble production yet they dissipated persistently enough evident dis-information about fussily carbonated splashes often resulting in peppering/spurting off-chain reactions! But despite all its drama, being well-known and readily available nationwide helped elevate its final score amongst judges due largely because of convenience (well played!).

3rd place – Spindrift

Fruit lovers will take note – this lemon-hinting star emits larger-sized air sacks for slower fizz release patiently bubbling away as somebody is drinking – someone unable to resist popping these carbon dioxide pouches!

2nd Place – Perrier

Perrier, the grandaddy of sparkling water first made back in 1863 France! Their beverage has been wowing millions showing how it’s done since before many American homes had running water or electricity. Perrier’s highly concentrated mineral content created an unparalleled flood of bubbles regarding both plastic-bottle and glass-bottle options enabling longer-lasting fizziness providing for us its outstanding composition due largely because of their sophistication.

1st Place: Spindrift Raspberry Sparkling Water

It seems that raspberry-flavored was the star attraction among our testers this round! We suspected that main variable here ranking so higly given vibrant coloration and delicatey pleasing taste on pallets (salivary glands activated) plus a richer carbon dioxide profile compared with others available parading them into overall victory! Congratulations SpindriSft!!


After detailed research involving thirty individuals testing ten different brands we conclude CongratulatioNS to Spindrift Raspberry Sparkling WateR – officially crowned ‘Bubbliest Beverage’!!

Not simply limited solely evaluating based breadth / clustering size assessment(s); other variables such as consistency retaining quality aroma & more make certain specific competitor exclaim superiority over competitors allowing customers explore various competing products determining what blend works well for themselves whilst ultimately settling upon one supreme go-to pick, be like John Cena and find out which drink makes you relish BENCHPRESSING goals complete satisfaction reached after deserving hard work down at gym every so often impressive!!!