Which smores girl scout cookie is better?

It’s that time of year when the smell of freshly baked cookies wafts through neighborhoods, and everybody’s favorite Girls Scouts hit the streets. Selling out quickly are their top two selling flavors – Samoas and Thin Mints – but what about the oh-so-tempting S’mores cookie? In this article, we will settle which smores girl scout cookie is better.

The Great Debate

Ask any Girl Scout troop leader or cookie fanatic — everyone seems to have a differing opinion on whether S’mores (crispy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling) or Samoas(chewy coconut caramel with dark chocolaty stripes) take first place among all other options in this annual event. Both have been around for decades, satisfying our sweet tooth right after bite one. Let’s dive into these delicious treats’ differences and similarities so you can pick a side once and for all.

Texture & Color

Many people say texture is crucial when deciding between sweets; others might argue it does not matter as long as it tastes good. To give some preference clarity, let us speak on behalf of your taste buds!


As an ode to its name, the cookie represents everything that reminds you of summer vacation at night by bonfires: golden-brown graham crackers topped off with a creamy beige-colored marshmallow layer covered in milk chocolate icing. It even sounds like fun! Its crumbly texture gives way easily beneath eager teeth waiting to bite down on something sugary deliciousness.


The Samoa’s exterior demands attraction because of its futuristic color palette alone: A mix-up incorporating earthy brown caramel coating spread over chewy white/nutty goodness lathered thinly coated milk chocolate striping from left to right. The inside provides nothing less than eating experience excitement, too, with each mouthful’s crunchiness playing off the smoothness of the caramel.

The Flavor Showdown

Now let’s move on to the most important part – does it taste as good as it looks?


If you’re looking for something simple and rich in chocolate flavor without running up a fortune; this is by far one smart cookie choice. Its graham cracker shell forms a sturdy crisp pocket that encases milky cocoa notes while melting marshmallow cream plays right into your childhood memories, complimented by lightly toasted flavors kissing your tongue goodbye!

Taste Profile

  • Chocolate 9.5/10
  • Marshmallow 8/10
  • Graham Cracker 6.5/10


The mixture of coconut and chocolate can either come across nutty or sickeningly sweet, but somehow Girl Scouts managed to get the perfect balance! Toasty shreds fill every nook and cranny in its chewy interior, ensuring satisfaction over any other experience earlier shared amongst all favorite snacks consumed during interim phases before breaking down and consuming an entire box slowly.

Taste Profile:

  • Caramel Strong: 7.5/10
  • Coconut Relief: 8.25 /10
    -Chocolate Finish; Outstanding!: 9/10

Price Point Winner

There are times when both cookies go on sale, but if not — You have to prioritize something based on budget alone! One box of s’mores or samosas costs around $4-$6 depending upon where they sell these boxes – local grocery store chains stocking them will generally charge less per unit than many other more upscale locations near shopping districts or boutique stores found downtown.

So who takes home first prize? It’s got to be S’mores at least for value because receiving more cookies than expected elevates their worth even further since eating through just two packets takes almost 3 days! In contrast, Samoas offer only about thirty-five cookies per box.

Halftime Break

Are you suffering from sugar overload yet? Take a breather and don’t forget to wash those cookie crumbs off your shirt.

Quick Facts

  • Girl Scouts are the second-largest-led business for girls in America selling millions of boxes each year.
  • The first recorded s’mores recipe {Source}[https://foodtimeline.org/foodcookies.html#girlscoutcook] originated back in 1925!

Now that we’ve had our halftime break let’s continue digging into this debate.

Heart Satisfying Factor

Sometimes when it comes to indulging oneself’s sweet tooth, quantity matters: having sufficient decadent goodies worth the money promotes satisfaction while small statured prices can lead towards regrets down later lanes leading near parking lots full of big fancy cars one cannot afford buying without significant loans dragging behind earning immense interest figures annually tallying against personal budgets falling farther apart with passing time. This is where Samoas come out ahead – their textures giving them more resilience than any other flavors, allowing consumers to hang on maybe a little bit longer before diving headfirst again into empty calories guaranteed within cookie heaven boundaries!

Serving Size Comparison

A serving size comparison; A single square inch marshmallow,sweet crust base graham cracker stack taking larger chunky bites as next week struggles wind up consuming outsized packets carrying around too much weight impacted by taste bud satisfying experience discrepancies at times depending upon which choice variously found contenders exist among available smores or samoas boxes.

Sustainability Winner; A Tie?

Finally, there might be room for end-of-game analysis’ sustainability winner – who takes home this crucial title between both types sold by girl scouts himself? There’s virtually no difference either way — chocolate coatings covering bombs made with sugary creaminess score equally high marks. By purchasing either box, you’re already engaging in fair trade deals that source responsibly farmed sustenance products since Initiative 41 guarantees healthier environments during farming processes leading towards higher nutritional food outputs!


In the end, it’s all about choosing what cookie option aligns with your preference best. From aesthetics to taste profile and sustainability standards – both S’mores and Samoas contain unique traits deserving recognition within everyone’s snacking anthology irrespective of their teeth’s current condition or health-state if concerning sugar consumption patterns. We hope this calms some unfaltering trepidations regarding final judgments passed easily- knowing you can always try each again next year too for more adventure!

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  • {S’more Cookies Recipe} [https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByN7kD1nzOzKUERiQ2JvNW8xMkk/view]

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