Which pregnancy test?

Congratulations, you could be pregnant! Or maybe not. Who knows? Well, technically you do, but we’re here to help with the big question – which pregnancy test should you use?

First things first: all over-the-counter (OTC) pregnancy tests are pretty much created equal in terms of accuracy; they typically claim a 99% detection rate when used correctly. However, test brands and types vary slightly in how user-friendly they are.

So let’s break it down into categories:

Price Tags: The Cheap Skates

Are you on a tight budget or just don’t want to drop an arm and a leg for something you pee on? (We totally understand.) Here are some less expensive options that give accurate results just like their pricey counterparts:

  • Equate One Step Pregnancy Test -$4
  • First Response Early Result – $9
  • Clearblue Digital Double Check – $10

Remember that prices may differ based on stores’ prices or promotions.

Reliability Matters: Accuracy Obsessed

If being sure about your result is absolutely essential (because who likes false alarms?), these tests have better sensitivity levels than regular ones so they can detect even the teeniest traces of hormones present in your blessing-in-disguise journey — I mean pregnancy journey:

  • Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit + Pregnancy Test ($25)
  • First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test ($18)

These babies cost more because they look for lower hormone levels versus traditional urine-based test sticks.

Always consult the instructions included within each individual kit regarding when to take each type of kit as this will depend on individual products!

Now if none of those meet what you were looking for…

Innovation For You: High-Tech Individuals

There has been advancement made since pee-on-a-stick pregnancy testing was invented back some 40 years ago! From apps that measure your hormones to smart devices that measure and analyze your saliva — there are a handful of options for the person seeking something beyond the traditional pee stick.

  • Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System + Pregnancy Test ($70)
  • The Ava bracelet($300)

You could look at names like these if you’re looking for more detailed data on possible ovulating windows or hormone readings. Plus, their advanced features include everything from feeding information they get directly into associated apps (what did we do without them?) to charting basal temperature readings each morning like our friends in turtlenecks do!


In a nutshell, how much cash you’ll have to part with depends on which test best fits YOUR personal pregnancy-test-preferring criteria (yes, that last phrase sounded awkward no matter how many times I read it).

Just remember: whichever one you choose, be sure to take care while using as some brands may interpret results negatively based upon testing performed incorrectly. Trend carefully!

Get peeing… umm pun not intended!

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