Which nioxin kit do i need?

NIOXIN experts recommend using the scalp cleanser and scalp conditioner from System Kit 5 for women and System Kit 2 for men, since they help optimize the scalp environment and promote the health of newly grown hair.

What does nioxin system kit 1 do for hair? System Kit 1 is designed for natural, non-colored hair with light thinning. It is formulated to amplify texture and protect the hair against breakage. It also refreshes the scalp and delivers thicker, fuller hair.

Do you need a prescription for nioxin system? You can recommend using the products after getting a prescription from your dermatologists. Both Nioxin Systems are clinically tested as well as highly recommended. Check the Label: It is always great to check the label of the product before buying it.

What’s the difference between nioxin system 3 and 4? What is the difference between Nioxin systems 3 and 4? System Kit 3 is designed for colored hair with light thinning. It is formulated to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residue while amplifying hair texture, providing moisture balance and protecting your color.

Are there different types of nioxin for hair loss? There are six systems which consist of Nioxin products. It can treat every hair loss stage. Here, we are focusing on System 1 and System 2. The products include a shampoo, conditioner, and hair rejuvenating serum.

Does nioxin really help regrow my hair?

Does nioxin really help regrow my hair? Although Nioxin shampoos do not promote themselves as hair loss products, it is possible they can help in the regrowth of hair by removing sebum from the scalp when used. Sebum contains testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, often called DHT.

Do you need nioxin for thinning hair? Nioxin claims that it does work best on building up the hair you already have. So it would work better on someone with thinning hair rather than those with large bald spots. Nioxin shampoo results will be quickly apparent after showering which can be a nice reinforcement to continue using the product.

Is nioxin safe for your hair? Nioxin also adds volume and strength to your hair to help protect it from damage and give it a fuller appearance. The antioxidants found in Nioxin protect your hair from free radicals such as air pollution, harmful ultraviolet rays and chlorine. The moisturizer contained in Nioxin shampoo helps add resilience to your hair.

What is nioxin scalp treatment? Many individuals use Nioxin scalp treatment when they are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Men and women use this product to aid in regrowing hair. Although there are many treatments for this issue, Nioxin is popular because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Pump the foam directly on your scalp area.