Which is the best milk to drink in india?

Welcome, dear readers, to the ultimate guide for all things milk in India! We know that choosing what milk to drink can be a daunting task, but look no further because we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for the healthiest option or just want something tasty and refreshing, we’ve got all your needs covered.

The Dairy Dilemma

Milk is an essential part of our daily lives – it fuels us up and gets us going every morning. But with so many options available in the market today, how do you know which one is best for you? To help answer this question let’s dive right into some hot milk topics!

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

In India, dairy farming has been ingrained in traditions since ancient times. But amidst this cultural maze arises confusion over whether cow or buffalo’s milks are better for consumption.

Cow’s milk tends to contain lower fat levels than water buffaloes’ ­ two percent compared with buffalo’s eight percent; however, buffaloes produce more milk than cows (here volume matters!). Moreover:

  • Cow’s milk gives foamy texture while heating
  • Buffalo’s yields thick cream
  • Buffalos’ rich calcium content implies easier absorption within human body.

So if there was ever a limit on quality versus quantity debate buffalo wins hands down — as long you’re not lactose intolerant.

Flavored Versus Unflavored

If plain ol’ white “dhoodh” never excited enough shivers down your spine well then lesser mortals like simply can upgrade their everyday glass of wholesome goodness by way of flavored varieties.! With an endless lineup consisting chocolate ,rose ,butterscotch and my favourite cardamom kheer flavour enriching Ragi Almond Core Power from MTR — options abound . (product listed for information purpose only, not a promotional deal).

While flavored milk does give the extra fun you’re looking for in your milk intake and they can get addictive! Sadly, most of their manufacturers add sugar/sweeteners that up its hidden calorie value. So if controlling your weight/diabetes/blood pressure/control is on top priority list then perhaps opt for plain cow’s or buffalo’ s without sweet additives.

A2 versus A1 Milk

Here’s some science: Cow milk contains casein proteins which come under two primary types : A1 beta-casein and A2 beta-casein varieties. Casein makes up around 82 percent of total protein content within the milk itself. The type of casein inside impacts how our body digests it.

The earliest known cows (like gomata-kamadhenu), apparently produced only ‘A2 type’ Beta Casien naturally in comparison to contemporary breeds that have mutated to produce both kinds as well as exclusive ‘A1 kind’. Studies have shown varying health benefits of both; however in general it observed people who may have low tolerance levels for lactose or simply find ‘milk indigestion’ irritating, tend towards being more tolerant with traditional or Desi cows producing solely “A2-type”beta casien.

Therefore ,despite having become extinct over ages those original breed once again making a comeback among high-end buyers wanting true heritage experience !

Non-dairy Options

If you don’t do dairy, don’t worry- plenty non-dairy options are waiting just out there – rice, soy, nut-based milks like almond,and even hemp. Not only these sources offer alternatives yet they provide opportunity to explore new flavours too! However bear in mind always checking nutritional label especially calcium,vitamin D amounts included along with any added sugars. And let’s be clear – soy milk will never be real milk, no matter what the ingredient labels say.

Best Brands in India

Below are listed some of well-known brands considered as reliable suppliers along with their respective products for reference. Though ,this list is not definite nor conclusive but who doesn’t like good starter package?

–> Nestle Milk-Packet: one of oldest dairy farm focused on graded quality assurance and involved closely monitoring consumer feedbacks . Sweetened/Unsweetened also available.

–> Amul Taaza-Tetra Pack and Amul Gold- Yet another dependable option from Gujarat based dairy cooperative famous for innovative advertising strategies though sometimes results can be intimidating because of high-fat content milk delivered straight which could lead to increased butterfat levels in body with regular consumption small bottle

–> Saras Fresh Cow Milk – produced by state government-run company called Saras Dairy it has been a go-to choice popular among middle class group people spread over several spots cities/towns given fresh creamy texture

Ok so enough about cows & buffalos let’s break out few other intriguing types milk which may sparkle your interest

Camel milk ?!

Camel’s may more often recognized by their signature humps and production capacity better geared towards desert landscapes; producers found that camel milk contains insulin-like proteins proving excellent benefits factors particularly for those challenged by T1 diabetes.

Hence now finding niche demand in health stores across world -and have started entering malls back home too.With lesser ‘large scale’ availability presently (yet you never?).those early testing waters usually pay bit higher than standard fare at moment yet given potential limitless we won’t be surprised if next decade noticed greater shift toward it.

Seems like our time together discussing all things milky-fantastic almost reaching the climax here– so what did we really learn? We explored ancient traditions rooted deep enough spanning thousands years timne that behove unique genetic traits-tends producing highest protein,lactose endurance or richest cream – and discovered that new trends spiralling around all untraditional yet healthy sources too.

In conclusion, given different milk types ultimately deciding factors always derive within one’s personal preferences,taste buds,health goals even some rare ,exotic-lifestyle might deeply influence choice. So are you ready to find your ideal milk? Wishing u good luck on journey tasting splendour of variety milks-to-drink-out-there!