Which clinique toner should i use?

Are you tired of trying different toners and still not finding the perfect one for yourself? Don’t worry; this article will guide you through all the options available in the Clinique toner range. You can finally say goodbye to bad skin days and hello to radiant, healthy skin!

Why Invest In A Good Toner?

Before diving into a detailed analysis of different types of toners from Clinique, let’s first understand why investing in a good toner is essential. Here are some benefits that might convince you:

  • Balances PH levels: Your skin’s natural PH level is around 5-6, but most cleansers have an alkaline base that disrupts it. That’s where a good toner comes in handy as it helps maintain your skin’s natural acidic balance.
  • Cleans excess oil and dirt: Toners help remove any impurities left on your skin after cleansing.
  • Hydrates Skin: Some moisturizing ingredients found in certain types of toners hydrate and soothe dry, rough patches.

Now that we’ve listed some compelling reasons to use a good quality tonic let’s explore which one would be best suited for you.

Clarifying Lotion – 1

Skin Types: Very Dry To Dry

The clarifying lotion provides gentle exfoliation without drying out sensitive or very dry skins. It contains salicylic acid (which dissolves dead cells) along with witch hazel (an antioxidant), making your face brighter than ever before!

This type further has two variants:-

CLINIQUE’s Acne Solutions™ Clarifying Lotion

It also prevents acne breakouts by removing excess oil production while eliminating pore-clogging debris from oily or acne-prone areas.

Clarity Freshes All about Clean™ refreshing tonic spray

It works perfectly as a travel companion for the dry skin types. Its spray design will meet all your needs on a long haul flight, and it is gentle enough to keep you refreshed without irritating your skin.

Clarifying Lotion – 2

Suitable For: Dry- Combination Skin

The clarifying lotion smoothens, hydrates, and brings glow back to dull-looking skin that has lost its sheen due to environmental factors. The main ingredient used in this type of toner is Gentian Extract which helps balance oily areas while maintaining moisture levels in drier patches of skin.

CLINIQUE’s Acne Solutions™ Clarifying Lotion

For combination/acne-prone skins or those who experience breakouts during periods can use Clinique’s Acne Solution’s variant for maximum benefits!

Clarifying Lotion – 3

Ideal For: Combination Oily To Oily Skin Types

Moving on from one end of the spectrum to another i.e., very dry; we have oily/combination complexions! This variety maintains natural oil production and cleanses away any impurities that might cause inflammation or clogged pores. It contains Salicylic acid as its main ingredient so get ready for a fresher morning every day!

CLINIQUE’S Anti-Blemish Solutions™ All Over Controlling Toner

This particular toner essentially reduces excess oil buildup (thus avoiding possible acne) and dead cells accumulation eventually resulting in clog-free pores.

Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief

Suitable For: All Skin Types (Especially Dray/Aging)

This alcohol-free tonic spray hydrates parched skins instantly with Super-Humectant Technology along with Aloe Vera leaf water ensuring hydration doesn’t disappear quickly!! Other beneficial components are soothing glycerin and green tea extracts that provide more vitality & rejuvenation than chemical-based tonics with no greasiness whatsoever.

A good toner not only repairs your skin, but it also prevents further damage from showing up on your face. It aligns with the golden rule of skincare; that prevention is better than cure!


That concludes our journey through different variants of Clinique toners available in the market. We hope you now have a clear understanding of which one would suit you best and how it can help fulfill all your skin’s requirements to keep you looking radiant throughout the day. Remember, when in doubt about trying a new product or dealing with any adverse effects contacting competent healthcare professionals always remains essential!