Which carbs are good for bodybuilding?

Carbs are essential in bodybuilding. They provide energy, promote muscle growth and help the body recover after a grueling workout. However, not all carbs are created equal and choosing the right ones can make all the difference.

In this ultimate guide to carb intake for bodybuilders, we will explore which carbs are good for you and which ones you should avoid like the plague. So grab some popcorn (hold off on butter unless it’s grass-fed!), sit back and let’s dive into the world of carbohydrates.

What Are Carbohydrates?

Before we go any further, let’s define what exactly carbohydrates are. Carbohydrates, or ‘carbs’ as they’re commonly referred to, are one of three macronutrients that make up our diet along with proteins and fats.

Carbs come in various forms including sugars, starches and fibers found naturally in foods such as fruits, vegetables grains etc.

When consumed by humans carbs break down into glucose molecules; these assemble glycogen which is stored within cells until needed by muscles to produce energy during physical activity (not just lifting weights but going upstairs counts too!)

However there is variation across types so different factors impact how much energy your find your carb source generates

Which Types of Carbs Should You be Consuming?

Not all carbs were created equally! Let’s look at a breakdown below:

Complex vs Simple

-Complex carbohydrates take longer time to digest & usually have hulls ie whole grain breads/pastas/brown rice?
-Simple sugars/less complex mono-and-di-saccharides (2 sugar unit bricks) digested more quickly used often used pre/post workout supplements)

Choosing complex sources means supplies more stable blood glucose levels that discourage insulin spikes – an important consideration since hyperglycemia causes spike from whimpers to Hulk mode.

Fiber or Non-Fiber?

You should aim to get both, but soluble fibers attract water and give bulk like hold the line, absorbing cholesterol on the way down (Note those “hulky” shapes in certain vegetables due to their minimal of complex sugars)

Example: sweet potato/potato are a slow digesting carb supplying enough fiber making muscles feel full & less likely for you cave into temptations

Glycemic Index

Carbohydrate foods vary according how fast/slow synthesized down by digestive system Our body rate sugar being produced whereby rapid production causing release insulin spiking occur so determines acidity level/blood glucose consumption which is crucial knowing where carbs can positively/negatively affect hunger/energy levels.

-Low glycemic index sources have cellulose-heavy hulls intact that reduce rate synthesis while high ones undergo a meandering in stomach wall probably not what makes them attractive?

That sounds confusing right? Simply put: lower glycemic index carbohydrates create sustained energy while high glycemic carbohydrates provide quick bursts of energy then crash later.

With these factors considered naming it as good vs evil might be too dramatic after all each serve specific purposes regarding circumstances e.g bulking/cutting/training type etc.

The Best Carb Sources for Bodybuilding

Here’s a list of some of the best carb sources that will help fuel your workouts and promote muscle growth:

  1. Sweet Potatoes – A great source of complex carbs and packed with vitamins.
  2. Brown Rice – A slow-digesting carbohydrate that provides long-lasting energy throughout your workout/
  3. Whole Grain Bread – Filled with fiber-rich nutrients from whole grain milling process; sprouted grains option increases bioavailability enzymes makin What doo goood!
  4. Oatmeal – High in soluble dietary fibre which can keep you feeling fuller longer
  5. Quinoa– Technically classified as pseudocereal, it’s complex carbs levels ranks above the others even though it has high amount of protein (two for one!)

Carbs to Avoid

As important as it is knowing carb sources that are beneficial, in same vein awareness on what types need to stay uninvited may come clutch. Listed below are examples of some types of carbohydrate rich foods you should try your best avoiding:

Sugary products

Your favorite confectionery items might bring instant satisfaction but with excess sugar bloats and subsequent weight gain comes an unpleasant example? That insane rush from ordering 36 doughnuts but realized it had been wheat flour used :0
Important note: this category includes artificial sweeteners too.

Refined Grains

Refined grains shred off vital nutrients- found processing/ milling into fine powdery form like flours; these harsh compounds up-ending regulation glucose level factoring risk heart disease/diabetes 🙁

Note: Potatoes take shrapnel too especially when you skip its skin which houses ample soluble fiber amounts


Carbohydrate Type | Good Sources | To avoid Eat

Complex |Whole grain rice/pasta| White bread

Simple | Pre-workout supplements Sugar syrups/cough cough drinks/ heavy syrups

Fiber |Sweet potato French Fries

Glycemic Index |Quinoa Regular Pasta

Given the information presented thus far, deciding on a better carb consumption process can be easier than Tony Stark preparing his suit plus without Pepper interfering!


In conclusion, carbohydrates (when consumed at the right time), they provide an adequate energy boost for all training session making recovery efficient while also helping and promoting muscle growth.

When discussing good vs bad of carbs, mind is essential when both options serve particular purposes depending on the circumstances.

SIDENOTE: I ain’t sayin’ go be a turkey at Thanksgiving dinner ONLY minus carbs!

So choose your carb sources wisely and start fueling those muscles with pure unadulterated energy!