Which brand of birth control increases breast size?

If you’re looking for a quick answer to the question of whether birth control can increase breast size, we hate to be boring but there is no definitive answer. People’s bodies react differently to various medications, so it’s impossible for any healthcare professional to guarantee that one particular type or brand will work better than another.

That being said, we’ve sifted through mountains of research and anecdotes about birth control pills, implants, patches…you name it! Here’s what we’ve found out:

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are some of the most commonly used contraceptives across countries. But when it comes to their effect on breast size – opinions are divided as different women experience different outcomes.

Estrogen Dominant Brands

Some brands have higher levels of estrogen in them than others which has been known to cause an increase in breast volume for some people. Examples include:

  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen(definitely don’t know how this affected our writer here 😉)
  • Yaz
  • Alesse

However not every woman reacts that way: “It’s important [to realize] that while hormones do affect increased glandular tissue growth in both male and female breasts,” says Jaime Sweeney MD (not our editor-in-chief), “lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise may also play a role in determining corresponding fat composition.”

So if you happen not be blessed with hormone-induced curves contrary popular belief — maybe its time you hit the gym!.

Progestin Dominant Brands

Progestin is synthetic progesterone; another hormone produced by after ovulation which means hormonal content low during menstruation but rise post mensturation aiding fertility/preparing uterus lining).

These types fall under mini-pills category deliver fewer amounts of progestin per dose hence provide lesser chances inducing changes likewise reducing side effects. Let us consider few examples;

  • Micronor
  • Jolivette

It’s important to note that the proportion of the ingredients in each brand can vary widely, and as such there are no guarantees.

Hormonal IUDs

Mirena IUDs

Mirena is just one extremely common hormonal intrauterine device. It contains low-dose hormones, specifically levonorgestrel (a progestin) which thins the lining of your uterus preventing egg fertilization via thickening cervical mucus security. Although not proven nor disproven by many studies — a lot more people who have had Mirenas seem to feel like they’ve noticed an increase in size after getting it inserted (once again please consult doctor before rush everyone’s body diverse).

Patch or “Patchy Control” if you will 😉

The birth control patch also has estrogen and progesterone components similar pills but using continuous delivery ensuring fewer side effects than taking separate Progesterone only supplements on top! These suckers apply them directly onto skin & work for 3 weeks after you slap em’ they’re replaced with fresh ones!

Brands which stock patches include;

  • Xulane
  • Ortho Evra:

According to Planned Parenthood when used properly this method can be up to %99 percent effective.

What About Other Methods?

Here are some other contraceptive methods out there that often come up when discussing birth control’s link to breast size:

Depo Shot/Tablets

Some claim depo shot/tablets aids weight gain/boob growth – we presently lack accurate evidence supporting any correlation but hey some posit such exists!!

Implant aka Nexplanon👩‍⚕️💫

This kind operates like Pill injections /contains pure synthetic progesterone hence promotes same tendencies e.g booby marks however caution should always be taken whenever considering new hormone-laced substances.


In conclusion, the question of whether birth control increases breast size is a complex one. While certain brands and techniques may work for some, others will not cite any substantial changes in their appearance.

Ultimately ladies don’t let the prospect of having more prominent busts guide or even concern you about birth control options/pick blindly aim to first consult with your certified medical provider before taking steps down any path- after all health matters call for best measures!

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