Where will bed bugs bite you?

If you think bed bugs are some sort of cute little critter that crawls onto your bed to snuggle, then you’re wrong. Bed bugs are these tiny little monsters that come out at night and feast on human blood! So if you ever wake up with red welts all over your body, it’s time to go on a hunt for the bed bugs.

But where will bed bugs bite you? That’s exactly what we’re going to find out in this article!

Head & Neck

Bed bugs love darkness, so they’ll definitely crawl into your hairline and munch on your ears while you sleep. The skin around your scalp is warm which makes it favorable to them. Not even the hottest celebrity can beat bed bug fashion sense, which allows them to choose only the most trendy places like behind-the-ear lobes or eyebrows!

Additionally, they would also venture down the neck area looking for larger exposed surfaces near their food location.

Upper Body

You’d expect a certain level of decency from these insects but when hunger strikes nothing is sacred enough not even clothing! Hence one may find red bumps appearing on his/her face after hours of being bitten by infected areas such as blankets or mattresses. This is especially probable when staying in hostels or during travels whereby people share beds often leading to infestation.

Bedbug bites tend o concentrate at parts where bedroom attires place pressure mostly shoulders hips buttocks and back region.

Chest Area

Your chest may be flat but don’t let these stubby creepy-crawlies scare off too soon! They won’t worry about sneaking inside clothes once having detected heat either coming directly from shirt pockets or under garments before finding an unimpeded access point in no time( damn wily creatures,

Arms & Hands

Sleeping with arms across chest may reduce severity but overall restrains movements hence making attacks generally limited to other appendages. On the other hand, it won’t stop them from feasting on either of your hands should they find their way there.

Lower Body

It seems bed bugs like to party south of the border too!

Hips & Buttocks

This is a common area most people would assume and rightly so as bed bugs, thanks to their flat anatomical structures can easily access blood supply even through thick fabric material . You might come across bites in this region if you use non-detergent laundry soap or leave sweaty clothes out with no air drying.

Legs & Feet

Don’t underestimate these insects’ thirst for your blood- shoes are only another obstacle! In fact, sometimes bedbugs camouflage under socks during daytime waiting patiently for an unsuspecting target before pouncing onto someone’s ankles come nightfall.

Other Surprising Areas

Bedbugs may prove determined enough at times leading into cases whereby encountering bites in unexpected areas especially when seemingly unrelated positions such as the stomach , behind knees or secondary regions including eyelids mouth have been exposed.

Here’s a quick summary of some surprising places where bed bugs will bite you:
Behind-the-ear lobes
Inside clothing (yes, really)
Non-genital buttock region

At this point anyone reading may be left wondering how one can sleep soundly knowing danger lurks everywhere? Thankfully precautions exist making infestation almost unheard of today from proper sanitation techniques preventing mosquito activity among others!

So remember… Beware little pests that feast on human blood while y thought sleeping The minute they choose your bedding now that’s going going gone!

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