Where to plant lemon verbena?

Lemon verbena is an amazing herb with a beautiful citrus aroma that many gardeners love to have in their garden. If you are planning to grow it, you might be wondering where is the best place to plant it. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the essential information on where to plant lemon verbena.

The ideal place to plant lemon verbena

Lemon verbena is native to South America, where it thrives in warm, sunny weather. Therefore, it’s essential to plant it in a place that provides it with full sunlight for at least six hours a day. If planted in an area with shade, the plant will struggle to produce the essential oils that give it the desired citrus aroma.

Soil conditions for lemon verbena

The lemon verbena plant requires well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. The soil should have a pH level of around 6.0 to 7.0, which is slightly acidic to neutral. Heavy, compact soil leads to waterlogged conditions that cause root rot in the plant, resulting in its death. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid planting lemon verbena in clay soil.

Temperature and humidity

Lemon verbena plants require a warm and humid environment for proper growth. They thrive in temperatures ranging between 70 and 85°F in the daytime and 60 to 65°F at night. If the temperature drops below 40°F, the plant may suffer significant damage, and it may not be able to survive. Moreover, high levels of humidity are essential during the summer months.

Watering and fertilization

Watering is essential for the growth of lemon verbena. It requires a consistent supply of water, especially during the growing season, which is between late spring and early fall. However, too much water can cause root rot, so it’s recommended to avoid over-watering.

As for fertilization, lemon verbena plants don’t require heavy fertilization. A simple monthly feeding using organic matter or a balanced fertilizer is enough to promote healthy growth.

Where to plant lemon verbena in pots

If you don’t have a garden, planting lemon verbena in pots is an excellent option. Lemon verbena is one of the herbs that can thrive very well in pots, provided that you provide it with the right conditions. Here are some tips for planting lemon verbena in pots.

Pot size and drainage holes

The pot size and presence of drainage holes are critical considerations when planting lemon verbena in pots. The pot should be at least 12 inches deep and 16 inches in diameter, allowing enough room for the plant’s roots to spread out. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the presence of drainage holes in the pot. This will allow excess water out of the pot, preventing waterlogging of the plant.

Potting soil

Lemon verbena requires a well-draining potting soil that is nutrient-rich. It’s essential to use high-quality potting soil, that is specifically formulated for herbs, vegetables, or outdoor plants, like Miracle-Gro Potting Mix or Foxfarm Happy Frog Potting Soil. Also, mix in compost, perlite or vermiculite to improve soil drainage.

Light and temperature

Like outdoor lemon verbena plants, potted lemon verbena requires plenty of sunlight. It should get at least six hours of direct sunlight daily for maximum growth. Moreover, Potted lemon verbena needs to be moved indoors once the temperature drops below 40°F to avoid damage.

Watering and fertilization

Potted lemon verbena requires frequent watering as the soil dries out faster. It’s recommended watering the plant thoroughly once every week, never let the soil dry completely, but avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot.

You can fertilize the potted lemon verbena once every month with a liquid organic fertilizer or a balanced fertilizer, shop-bought plant food such as fish emulsion, seaweed extract or worm castings, to provide it with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive


Knowing where to plant lemon verbena is essential to ensure its optimal growth and health. Be sure to provide it with plenty of sunlight, well-draining soil, and proper watering and fertilization. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, you can still grow this herb in pots and enjoy its unique citrus aroma all year round.


  • Q: What is lemon verbena plant?
  • A: Lemon verbena is an aromatic herb that belongs to the Verbenaceae family. It has a refreshing and uplifting citrusy aroma and is native to South America.

  • Q: How big does a lemon verbena plant get?
  • A: Lemon verbena plants average 3 to 5 feet tall, but in excellent conditions, they can reach up to 8 feet in height.

  • Q: What is the ideal climate for growing lemon verbena?
  • A: Lemon verbena thrives in warm and humid climates, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures ranging between 70 and 85°F in the daytime.

  • Q: Can you plant lemon verbena in a pot?
  • A: Yes, lemon verbena can be grown in pots as long as they are at least 12 inches deep and 16 inches wide, and use well-draining potting soil.

  • Q: How often do I need to water my lemon verbena plant?
  • A: Lemon verbena plants require a consistent supply of water, especially during the growing season, which is between late spring and early fall. It’s recommended to water it thoroughly once a week.


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