Where to place tens unit pads?

Are you tired of feeling like a human pin cushion, constantly being prodded and poked with needles? Have no fear my friend, the solution is here. The tens unit has become increasingly popular as a method for pain relief. But, where should these magical pads be placed? Let’s investigate.

Understanding Tens Units

Before diving into placement options, let’s first discuss what exactly a tens unit is (for all you newbies out there). A tens unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) uses electrodes placed on the skin to deliver low-level electric impulses that block incoming pain signals from reaching your brain. In other words- it kinda feels like tiny ants are marching across your skin instead of actual pain.

Pad Placement Basics

There are many different ways in which pads can be placed; however, there are two main principles to keep in mind:

  1. You want the current traveling through nerves responsible for delivering pain messages.
  2. You do not want the current traveling near your heart or causing muscle contractions.

Do you feel like 70% of your day is spent without arms because they hurt so damn much?? Fear not! Here’s how and where upper body pains using TENS machines will help:

Cervical Area

Your neck may be experiencing tension headaches caused by being stressed out about where to place those darn pads…we’ve got ya covered! For neck pain relief try this:

  1. Place one electrode pad on each side of the spine at the base of neck generally above hairline.
  2. If headache ache then put both electrode pad over temple point according to desired side by moving after midway between forehead &ear towards backside but take care pads not sticking in hairs
  3. Your device must have options for intensity adjustment start from lower intensity and gradually move towards better results creating sensation.
  4. Both pads can be placed near to painful areas too.

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff

If you’re feeling like your shoulder blades are giving you a never-ending tight squeeze, finding relief from the tension could increase flexibility! Here’s how:

  1. Place one electrode pad above or over the top of your shoulder in such a way that it should cover full width and just on Scapula part
  2. Put other electrode pad below armpit it will remove stiffness of rotator cuff muscles.
  3. Start with low intensity settings

Are you avoiding bending down and using chairs as an excuse every time? Try this simple guide for TENS unit placement:

Lumbar area

The lower back takes so much strain when lifting objects, sweeping floors or simply crouching.. damn start practicing yoga folks!!

  1. Place one electrode on each side of spine around two inches apart approximately levelled adjacent upper buttock crease not exceeding sacrum portion
  2. Then place both electrodes diagonally downward across painful site staying just beside vertebral column either may keep them crossing at hips/or hip bone.

Sciatic nerve pain

Oh dear me…sciatica can cause waves upon waves of grinding pain all down one leg… try this:

1.Place first electrode pad horizontally along your lower back at belt line and second vertically along sciatic nerve i.e inside lover thigh-attach closest to hip point
2.Give attention to positioning device properly too while sitting up)

Knee Pain Relief

Poor knee cartilage isn’t funny anymore even after popping some analgesics wanna buckle up with these tips?

Quadriceps muscle:

Here we come Mr.quads like they say no thighs no gain 😉

1.Attach positive electrode pad above Quad muscle either mid-distance between knee & hip OR right into VMO (Vastus medialis oblique) ie teardrop formation of inner quadriceps.
2. Attach Negative electrode just alongside anterior leg bone part on shin.

Patella (knee cap)

Gravity plays a villain, making that knee crack sound whenever you climb stairs or take feeblest attempt at squatting ? let’s try placement method below:

1.Place first pad just above knee joint and second right below the kneecap
2.Take care for tens unit position behind your waistband while walking around.

Plantar Fasciitis

Don’t ignore those poor feet! They deserve some TENS love too

Achilles Tendon

Place one over the affected ankle to reduce inflammation or soreness

Digestive Pain

Surprised? TENS units can aid in digestive health as well!!

### Lower Abdomen
When constipation hits hard – this is where you want to place those pads 😉

1.electrode placed above pubic bone& another straight back along sacrum-for female patient place 2ndpad externally near the ovaries area rather than athwart but low intensity settings.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding tens unit pad placements :

Q: How long should I use my machine for?
As instructions may vary from brand to brand, it is essential that you read guidelines before operating any device typically between20-30 minutes works well; however, ask your doctor about specifics based on individual needs.

Q: What if I am unsure of a placement site/cardiac history/pregnancy/epilepsy?
Always consult with your doctor BEFORE using any electrical stimulation device!!!

Q: Can anyone else feel the sensation when pads attached??
Unless convulsing nope they won’t feel anything nor should there be reciprocal current flow so enjoy it solo. 😀

In conclusion folks, whether to control pain or improve flexibility TENS units are a great way to get relief without any pharmaceuticals. So here’s hoping these simple and straightforward guides will assist in placing those pads like a pro!

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