Where to mail medicare claims?

Medicare is the government-funded healthcare program for Americans over 65 years old, as well as some younger people with disabilities. Navigating the world of Medicare can be confusing and stressful: finding out coverage options; making sure your doctor accepts Medicare; the looming threat of bureaucratic paperwork.

One important aspect of this bureaucracy is submitting claims to Medicare for reimbursement of medical services. So, you finally have all the necessary documents in place — now where do you mail these claims? Fear not, dear reader! We will take a journey together through the hilariously complicated lion’s den that is postage addresses for U.S. Government Healthcare.

Ready for Action?

Brace yourself: before we even begin listing off mailing address options, we need to clarify whether or not you are filing Part A or B claims (there’s even a third option known only by elite conspiracy theorists).

Part A claims cover hospital stays and other such intensive care scenarios — which may also inspire nightmares beyond those provided by our current healthcare system.

Meanwhile, Part B covers what happens once you make it out alive from said hospital and enter normal human life again: doctor visits and related procedures under traditional outpatient care.

Thankfully though, bureaucrats put their thinking caps on like never before, so unsurprisingly enough each type has its own designated postal pathways .

Options Galore

Okay okay okay… Everyone calm down – we’ve reached almost halfway and still no answers? Well fret not folks because here they come!

  • If any PART A claim comes upon us soon-we’d better have TBF-A available at hand!
    • Which means Trial By Fire minus Ability
    • Sending regular winged messenger isn’t an option after all!

#### Postal Addresses Specific To Region

  • For Paper Claim submission & ALL PARTY types:
    P.O Box #30770
    Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0770

  • For Electronic Claim submission & ALL PARTY types:
    Novitas Solutions-JH
    Part A/Part B Claims
    P.O. Box #3107 Corridor J,
    Bldg., Suite 370 AHL
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

  • When filing for Delta D Dental claims only: (how convenient that we can just slide in other topics)
    National Government Services
    P.O. Box #890130
    Camp Hill, PA 17089-0130

Sneaking Behind the Curtain

Now you might be wondering why so many of our good ol’ pals wrote U.S at different postal points! I know right? However when diving deep into this category double agent classified it has nothing to do with their legal identity.

Turns out these locations represent a particular Medicare Administrative Contractor distinctively known as MAC. Multiple MACs function throughout each state to safeguard tranquil claims submissions and simply allocate areas according to where recipients live.

You see, “classy” American humor aficionados, even the government likes their (mail) system to be efficient enough without drowning into logistics every time!

The Who’s Who – List of M.A.C’s categorized by region!

Without further ado, presentative breakdown is given down below set for all states resided within SMACK vicinity:

CONNECTICUT-New York-Vermont:

    NGS American Inc.
        P.O Box#9188                
   Watertown ,MA   02471


 First Coast Service Options Inc.
       Part A/Part B Claims     
      P O Box#44032   
 Jacksonville ,FL   32231

Georgia – Tennessee:

Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators® LLC      
      Part A/B Redetermination Requests    
     Attn.: QIC Department  
P.O. Box#830258          
Birmingham, AL   35283-0258


 National Government Services
         J6 Medicare Part B  
            P.O. Box #6729        
        Indianapolis, IN   46206

#### Louisiana let’s not forget about you!
Novitas Solutions, Inc.
ATTN: Appeals & Redeterminations
P.O. BOX#3101
Mechanicsburg,Pennsylvania (PA)

Final Stop

Though some of our brains might feel scrambled after reading all that about M.A.C., it is the end game we were all here for – submitting physical claims for reimbursement to good old Uncle Sam.

In addition, adventurous readers, like a ray of sunshine there’s still an array of online resources with content catered specifically for your kind! Check t’em out and see which topics embrace the subcategories/bits on this piquing curiosity!

Yet if you’re feeling daring enough to deal with paper submission than take inspiration from one classic quote:

“Don’t look back in anger I heard them say,” but seriously how are they supposed to know where their claims won’t go wrong?

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