Where to find shungite?

Are you looking for a way to keep the negative vibes away? Then shungite is your answer! From its healing properties to its ability to ward off electromagnetic radiation, shungite has become all the rage in recent years. But where can one find this elusive mineral? Fear not, for we have compiled a comprehensive guide on finding every type of shungite under the sun.

First Things First: What is Shungite?

Before diving deep into our search, let’s take a moment to appreciate what shungite really is. Shungite is a black-colored mineral that originated from Karelia, Russia. It gets its unique properties due to the presence of natural fullerene molecules within it.

Fullerenes are spherical carbon molecules that possess strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. Shungite possessing these fullerenes makes it an excellent tool for cleansing environments and improving physical health. Now let’s jump into where you can get your hands on some!

Finding Regular Type I Shunga-What?

Type I shun-ga-not gonna make puns here-is the most common form of shunigte available in markets today. It typically contains around 30% carbon content — while still holding all those fullerene goodies giving them their well-known metaphysical abilities used in crystal healing practices.

Go Online For Convenience

The internet may be vast and complicated like how my love life endeavors go but trust me when I say this – You will have more luck scouring online shopping websites than venturing out into shopping malls if convenience is what you’re after here (specifically Amazon or Etsy)

These websites provide easy access & hassle-free delivery options so you don’t even need any outdoor trips; which could cost you extra time and effort luckily with typing ‘shugnite’ on Google search bar saves ya time

Pay Local Mineral Shops (or the mystery green store) a Visit

If you’re more of an old school type and want the traditional one on one shopping feel, it’s time to put those walking shoes on. Your local mineral shop is very likely selling shungite amongst their regular offerings. You can even take this as an opportunity to go rock hunting in general! The hunt for rare minerals along with your new favourite hobby excursion under rock outcroppings- perfect day off activities here.

Spiritual Stores Are Also Worth A Try

Are you looking for more than just spiritual well-being? Then this option is best suitable for you. Check out stores tailored towards all things holistic, witchy or hippie-like (Thanks Goddesses & Celestials Store!) They are known for having some unique geological wonders like crystals, minerals and yes folks…shugnite!

Level Up Your Shungite Game: Type II

Feeling like a boss lately? Time to level up our search game (cue motivational music) because type II shungite takes effort when compared to your average version.

Type II shun-gaWHOA has an intense carbon content that goes waaay beyond what typical shungites offer (90% — talk about being overachievers) so buckle up — this will be fun!

Types Of Shungites That Exists Carbon Content
Type I 30%
Type II 90%

Head Back Online

Remember how we talked about checking online websites first before anyplace else where they sell originals mixed with fakes – disregard them now these sites don’t typically have pure grade-II Shamanic stones/metaphysical tools available
but oh boy do they have amazing deals of jewelry made from genuine pierces though.

You may find someone willing to sell raw, high-quality shungite unpolished pieces online, but the chances are relatively low.

Go Back To Your Local Mineral Shop

It’s time to call back our old friend who has helped us find type I shungite—the local mineral shop. This ain’t a downgraded version than shopping for leftover Type-1 products from regular stores-nope-this involves putting more chance into it.

You have a higher chance of finding genuine pieces here you just gotta know how to recognize em! Don’t be afraid to ask for crystal experts’ – pfft there is such thing as ‘crystal expert’ opinion if they got certifications & specializations; If not use your phones and start googling.

Explore Rock Shows!

And now that we’re exploring more profound levels in Shugnite, why not attend rock shows? We’re talking about fairs devoted solely to rocks themselves with vendors offering anything from miniature specimens to pristine raw materials. They may have no problem showing their inner geology geek and offer real products like these beauties compared to commercial environments where product authenticity could be questionable.

rock show

Just Need The Best Of The Best: Type III

Type III shungites are rarest of all types containing >90% carbon and unknown amounts of fullerenes inside them. Now some sources claim this stone form isn’t even available yet due to shortage caused by dwindled mines or similarly claimed an outlawed mineral trade situation!

Yet maybe you want one nonetheless, so let me give touring into Russia through underground black markets (kidding although won’t recommend) some alternatives instead:

Rare-Mineral Auctions?

Find other fellow enthusiast using the less obvious routes via private auctions on social media channels most people wouldn’t think of looking for like Reddit, private crystal groups within Facebook or Instagram. Now that may take longer and be a tad bit risky – but hey- the chase is just as fun as the prize (optional: don’t forget to hire 007)

Midlife Crisis? Ask A Friend!

Got an exploring itch with friends? Some adventuring soulful keepers whose life mission involves gathering rare gems there are always out there somewhere.

ProTip: Look out for some Russian rock collectors while we’re at it (you never know).

Humor Me Disclaimer
Ushanka 101 You can find us licking shungites after a shot of Vodka without any knowledge about what we do.

Conditions To Get Best Out Of Shugnite?

Before you start using your brand new collection let me give you tips on how to bring its inner energy in full force:

Recharge After Use

Once your shungite has been exposed to electromagnetic frequencies or any other form of energies taken from its subject surroundings, put them away inside small plates kept outside so they could charge under sunlight’s natural powers every once-in-a-while

Cleanse & Reset Its Energy

Submerge these rocks into clean water overnight then leave them near sunshine so excess negative ions get dissolved faster this won’t only reset their balance but also invigorate their healing properties.

So Which Type Is The One For You?

This guide covers where and how to fish each type of Shungite available in varying quantities — whether old-fashioned mineral browsing or checking online sales related pages. Are you one who wants sifting through social media hash tags amidst coffee breaks; Pick up Holy Grail from Type III

Whatever suits ‘ya best, finding ideal shun-ga-won’t remain unreachable when all things fall in place — pieces will encompass your world bringing ideal balance, cleansed environments and good ol’ boss-level energy.

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