Where to buy shoe for broken toe?

As you hop around on one foot, wincing in pain with each step, you may be wondering where to find the perfect pair of shoes that won’t aggravate your broken toe. Fear not, my fellow limpers! I have scoured the internet and physical stores to bring you an extensive list of options for finding shoes that will help soothe those bruised bones.

The Comfort Shoe Companies

First stop? The shoe companies made specifically with comfort in mind. These motherly brands want nothing more than to wrap your feet up in soft clouds and dimply pillows so that even if they can’t heal your broken toe, at least they’ll cushion it while it heals and give you maximum style points.
Dansko: If a clog is good enough for doctors on their feet for 12-hour shifts or chefs preparing deliciousness all day long, then it’s got damn well earned its spot here. Dansko’s selection spans from sandals (a good option if your injury is closer to the back of the foot) to closed-toe options (great if there’s any chance someone might accidentally step on an exposed appendage), with plenty of supportive arches and padding along the way. Plus their playful patterns offer some much-needed glee during this otherwise mournful time.
Birkenstock: You don’t gotta be a hippie granola chomper munchin’ on tempeh, man! Birks are just as comfortable straight-laced as they are festively fringed out. Their proprietary cork footbed contours itself perfectly around each foot over time^1^ making them ideal either before or after swelling subsides/casts come off/etc., and since many styles come with adjustable straps^2^ they accommodate bizarre post-surgery puffs better than traditional laces would.
ECCO: Alrighty then, Ace. You might not be in a position to bike across the country a la Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels but that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt their low-maintenance, sturdy footwear status. Besides your freshly immobilized foot gripping new shoes for dear life isn’t exactly practicing gracefulness ifyaknowwhatImean.
Clarks: When people hear “comfort shoe” they’re often reminded of Clarks because…welllll let’s face it sometimes memory foam meets traction bottom is all we can handle going through right now. Their aesthetic is enviable grown-up so dependability needn’t come at frumpiness’ cost.
Propet: They have sizes for both men and women ranging from widths X-Wide to XX(EEEE), perfect for doctor-recommended loosefits after foot surgery.

Athletic Shoe Companies

But what about those of us who require more targeted support? We sports enthusiasts (or sports reluc-sportanties?) may already own some trusty athletic shoes but when our toes become fragile treasures, it’s important to get extra picky. The following brands make shoes with specialized technology (ie, Nike Air) or offer customized fittings:
Brooks: Brooks precedes itself as not only an exceptional running brand by industry standards; but this recognition also spills into higher quality due to their commitment to motion efficiency stability.^3
New Balance: Fresh Foam technology = enhanced comfort during recovery exercises.
Nike Air: heel cushioning helps disperse impact away from delicate toe muscles&bones^3^. Also check out FlyEase closure system!
| Brand | Special Feature |
| — | — |
| Adidas| Continental rubber sole |
| Asics| Gel techfor softening forefoot landing|

Orthopedic Medicine Staff Recommendations

If you need extra peace of mind, consult your orthopedic doctor or podiatrist on what shoe option would aid full recovery for you. Here’s some brands they may suggest:
Dr. Comfort: sounds like the name an overly enthusiastic kindergartener was given by her parents but their footwear concepts aren’t to be laughed at –– especially if you’re looking out for a plethora of foot conditions.
Drew Shoes: diabetic-friendly fits with removable insoles ideal for post-injury swollen toes.
But also don’t shy away from boutique brands solely because they don’t have a household name brand backing them. All aboard the Sustainable Footwear Train™! They offer high quality materials without breaking ethical codes that people will eventually start caring more about.

What To Look For In Your Broken Toe Shoe(s)

You’ve got potential company recommendations^ [or ones vetted by distant relatives/instafriends] saved up on your phone but how will you know which specific styles are worth trying? Everything else hurtsssss
1. PROVEGETABLE (aka vegan) MATERIALS: Opting out animal-suffering shouldn’t mean skimpier, flimsier garb; thank Heavens there is no sacrifice required when using items derived expertly without wool or leather blended in and instead incorporate environmentally sustainable textiles such as Cork, Recycled polyester etc!
2. ROUNDED TOES: It’s cozy knowing all ten digits can wiggle around inside your shoe fortress w/o feeling crowded.
3. FROM LACES TO STRAPS: You need assurance throughout usage erratically inflamed sections won’t agitate anew due to constriction/elasting issues per top enclosure-selected material /style so adjustability options à la adjustable straps are esteemed these days more than ever before.
4.WIDER SOLES FOR STABILITY! Making it easier for those unable to balance properly initially from the change in balance.

In Summation

At the end of the day (or toe-healing journey as it were) you know your own pain thresholds and what constitutes to a comfortable base for bouncing back. As much research can be compiled online or through friend recommendations, consulting with an expert always helps garner trusted medical preference. Happy shoe hunting — and even happier healing!