Where to buy quick cooking oats?

Are you tired of bland, boring oatmeal that takes FOREVER to cook? Want something quick and tasty to start your day off on the right foot? Look no further! We’ve got your back with the ultimate guide to finding quick cooking oats.

What are Quick Cooking Oats?

Before we dive into where to find these magical grains, let’s discuss what they actually are. Quick cooking oats are simply rolled oats that have been cut into smaller pieces. This makes them cook faster than traditional rolled oats without sacrificing any nutritional value or taste.

Some people confuse quick cooking oats with instant oatmeal packets, but they’re not the same thing. Instant oatmeal is often high in sugar and other additives while quick cooking oats can be pure and simple – just like a good breakfast should be!

Online Retailers That Sell Quick Cooking Oats

1. Amazon

As always, Amazon has you covered for all things food-related. They offer a wide variety of brands including Quaker, Bob’s Red Mill, and Nature’s Path amongst others. You can snag a bag of 32-ounce Quaker quick cooking oats for about $4 which is pretty reasonable if you ask us.

The best part about buying from Amazon is their fast shipping – you’ll have those tasty grains at your doorstep before you know it!

2. Walmart

Walmart may not have everything (despite their slogan), but they do carry several types of quick-cooking options such as Better Oats’ brand “Quick Unrolled Oats”. With prices starting around $3 per pack these affordable options won’t break the bank either.

Plus when purchasing over $35 worth of groceries online Walmart will apply free two-day shipping making it easier than ever to enjoy freshly prepared meals with less hassle involved!


Target also offers a limited selection of brands, but you can find both Quaker Old Fashioned Quick Cooking Oats and the organic Nature’s Path variety. Target provides an excellent shopping experience without long lines or crowded aisles (if you’re ordering online!) Plus,when buying five items with a same day delivery service such as Shipt they waive all shipping fees- who doesn’t love free groceries?

Brick-and-Mortar Stores That Sell Quick Cooking Oats

1. Whole Foods

If you’re looking for organic quick cooking oats, then Whole Foods is your one-stop-shop. They offer several different brands including Bob’s Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills.

Be sure to check out their bulk bins where you can buy as much or as little as needed – this is great if you don’t want to commit to a full package until try them out first! Also keep in mind that they frequently run weekly promotions making it even more budget-friendly!

2. Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s recently launched their own brand of rolled oats named “3 Minute Steel-Cut Organic Oatmeal”. While not technically marketed as a quick cook option, many customers have found that this time-saver cooks up considerably quicker than other steel-cut oatmeals on the market in only three minutes allowing it to be used interchangeably when baking/cooking.

Plus,this unique grocer has lots of fun quirky products from around the world so come prepared with an open mind (and wallet) since it may tickle your taste buds beyond just grabbing standard grains!

3. Your Local Health Food Store

Of course, any health food store worth its salt will carry some form of quick-cooking oats too! Just ask someone at customer service if they have what comes quickest since these shoppers often times know which option works best under tight deadlines plus maybe get free recommendations for flavorful add-ins/ toppings ideas too!

Wrapping Up

There ya go folks – those are just some of the many places you can find quick cooking oats. Whether you prefer to shop online or in person, there’s a retailer out there with your name on it! So next time that breakfast craving hits, don’t reach for a sugary instant oatmeal packet…reach for some high quality oats that cook up faster than you can say “delicious”.

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