Where to buy olive leaf extract in south africa?

Olive leaf extract is known for its many benefits, from supporting heart health to fighting off infections. But where can you get your hands on this herb in South Africa? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.

Online Stores

If you’re not up for scouring the brick-and-mortar stores around town, shopping online might be more convenient. A quick Google search will show that there are several options available on various e-commerce platforms. These include:

Faithful To Nature

This is an online uber store with a variety of natural products like supplements, skincare lines and even groceries! With over 3000 products to pick from they have tea’d-up their collection with Olive leave extracts too!


South Africa’s leading retail market – or as I like to call it my black hole of delivery fees- is charging into the herbal game selling a range of olive oil tablets and capsules under the brand Body Tonix.

Dis-Chem Pharmacies

Dis-Chem now has an extensive product offering dedicated only to natural remedies called The Green Goodness Co; wherein they stock Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver Herbal Immune Boosters which includes olive leave extract among other herbs!! Dopeness!

Wellness Warehouse

Your closest entry-level wellness vibe shop does’nt carry fresh olives – but sure likes suspending dry ones in alcohol water mixtures both certified organic tinctures & capsules by Solgar come highly rated.

Since picking olive leaves right off trees isn’t exactly legal here ( boo ) we hope these suggestions suffice !

Health Shops

Perhaps someplace less virtual speaks out to you?

Most malls have at least one vitamin-haven smack dab within ready-to-go chocolate-covered almond reach so just find a red-lettered sign indicating “health” along your walkway way // OR a Google search with “Natural/Health Foods” can provide,

and then there are spas and studios:


A mothership studio for anything wellness releases a Pure Indigenous body product range with proudly South African sourced Olive leaves giving you both calm & smooth skin.

Camphors at Vergelegen

This estate located in our beloved Stellenbosch wine country on the other side of life’s spectrum caries their own in-house assortment of greeny products which also includes a healing balm infused by Olive leaf extract..

Wellness Warehouse (yes again!)

You know it! This is kind of an intersection all thing healthy, they have shelves optimized – amidst everything else under wellness sun but actually dedicated to herbal medications as easily accessible store around generally speaking.

Specialized Herbal Stores

We love specialized stores. It feels like entering a secret garden full of magical herbs where we get to pick and choose what health remedies call out to us!

If you’re looking for something unique- here are your best bets:

The Natural Way Health Shop

This place favorite among Cape Towners not only stocks pills and tinctures enriched with olive leaf extract but combines them into teas too #ProteinBrosWhosThat?!

Rooibos Ltd.

Because who knows local better than rooibos artisans? A traditional tea and herb purveyor carrying uncommon mixtures made headlines from research done within their facilities recorded higher polyphenol levels – antioxidants known for increasing beneficial effects when paired-off- (drumroll please) including OLIVE LEAF extracts!!!

Finally, always do your research before purchasing any new supplements or medicines. Consult your doctor if necessary—and remember that ​it’s important to be well-informed about everything we put in our bodies​!

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