Where to buy numbing cream in singapore?

Do you need to get a numbing cream for your upcoming procedure? Whether it’s laser hair removal or tattooing, numbing creams can help alleviate pain, making the experience less unpleasant. But where do you even begin to look for them in Singapore? Worry not because we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about buying numbing cream in Singapore.


Before we dive into where and how to buy numbing cream in Singapore, let’s first understand what it is and how it works. A numbing cream (aka topical anaesthetic) contains an active ingredient called lidocaine that helps dull nerve endings by blocking the transmission of signals between those nerves and the brain. Essentially, it makes certain areas of your skin numb so that when a needle or laser hits them, they’ll feel like someone tapping on your arm instead of repeatedly poking you with a sharp object.

Is It Legal?

Now that we know what numbing creams are let me give you some good news: yes, they’re legal! You don’t have to worry about breaking any laws by using one before your cosmetic procedures. However, there are restrictions on their strength due to safety concerns which means some countries might allow stronger concentrations than others – this typically ranges from 2% up 10%. In Singapore specifically – anything over 5% would require doctor’s prescription only as stated under Schedule P4 poisons lists.

So here comes the burning question: where can I find these magical-numb-making lotions? The short answer is – almost everywhere!


The most common place people will recommend getting them from is pharmacies. Pharmacies such as Watsons and Guardian usually sell higher lidocaine concentration at around 5%, but could contain other ingredients that are not suitable depending on your allergy or history. Do note that they may not always be readily available on the shelves so you may need to ask the staff for assistance.


Alternatively, you can also purchase them online! From Qoo10 and Shopee to Lazada and Carousell – a plethora of options await you. The best part is the convenience of having it delivered straight to your doorstep because let’s face it: no one wants to go through the hassle of hunting down numbing cream while in pain from getting jabbed.

Since we are discussing purchasing these creams over digital channels, I just have got two acronyms pounded with technology centric salesmen in Singapore as well – P2P marketplaces;


Qoo10 folks usually offer promotional discounts with credits towards future purchases; so it’s worth everyone trying this platform to buy their favourite products for cheaper price points.
Always review what others had feedbacked against that item particularly delivery time took and quality checks related requests which could make/ruin consumer experiences overall


If air miles program rocks your world, then shopee will be where it all happens! In addition to its extensive range of items available at competitive prices, signing up means earning AirAsia BigPoints or KrisFlyer Miles based on order frequency (no minimum amount spent required). Quite amazing isn’t?

However there are obvious risks associated with anonymous transactions such as “Credit Card Information Security”, Delivery Schedules Etc., So buyer Beware!


Finally, if you’re looking for lidocaine-containing preparations approved by health professionals – various clinics in Singapore would do too amongst some brands found:

  • This product named “Emla Cream” prepared under prescription sold only!
    The most popular clinic famous brands known in SG namely TCS Clinic,Sloane Clinic etc

Before buying any topical anaesthetic product like numbing creams, remember to read the product label for any possible allergies as it could contain other components that you might be sensitive to. Also, ensure that you are not violating local import laws when purchasing from overseas.

To sum up, buying numbing cream in Singapore is easy and hassle-free whether through online or pharmacy stores. Just make sure to take note of all the important information mentioned above so that your future cosmetic procedures will become a pain-free experience! Stay safe and numb on!

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