Where to buy epsom salt in hyderabad?

Are you experiencing aches and pains on your body? Are you feeling exhausted from work or do you just need to relax after a long day of activities? Well, we have the solution for you – Epsom salt! This incredible mineral has been used by millions around the world as an essential element in their self-care routine. Hyderabad residents who are new to this game may be wondering where they can get epsom salt without breaking the bank. Worry no more ladies and gents, because this guide is going to help point out some locations where you can scoop up some epsom salts.

Salons that sell Epsom Salt

  1. Grace Beauty Parlour: If a beauty salon is what floats your boat, Grace Beauty Parlour might have what it takes to deliver quality products that cater specifically to your needs.
  2. Juice Unisex Salon: Want double benefits while treating yourself with an epsom salt bath? Try Juice Unisex Salon whose unique blend of hair and wellness services guarantees satisfaction with each purchase both for men & women.
  3. The Lakme Salon: For those looking for proven brands why not try Lakmé salon which comes stocked with many top brands’ skincare products including our favorite epsom salt?

Wholesale Shops

If purchasing at retail prices isn’t ideal enough (Who doesn’t love getting great deals?), wholesale shops provide customers the opportunity to buy bulk amounts at discounted rates just like those seen below:

Shop Name Location
Mukesh Trading Company Koti
Om namah shivay traders Old Bowenpally Market, Secunderabad
Rishabh Traders General Bazaar near Paradise circle

Health Stores

Looking for something a little more specialized? Health stores may have what you need! Here are some options:

1.Nirvana Organic Wellness: Nirvana promises to supply you with organic natural products which don’t compromise on quality and effectiveness making it the perfect place for authentic epsom salt.

  1. Organic Living India: One of Hyderabad’s top health food chains, this store prides itself on having all that their customers require in the way of wellness such as high-quality vitamins, minerals supplements along with essential oils and natural herbs.

  2. Ayurveda Nature Cure Hospital Pharmacy: If Ayuvedic remedies soothe your soul , then this pharmacy provides traditional Indian medicine practices including epsom salts.


If you’re looking for convenience and variety at once, supermarkets provide a great option without needing to make any extra stops while shopping for other home necessities;

Store Name Location
DMART Banjara Hills
More Mega Jubilee Hills
Heritage Gachibowli


Now you know where to find one of the world’s most beloved immune-boosting relaxation agents – Epsom Salt – right here in Hyderabad city. Whether if it is exploring various wholesale shops or beauty salons or even health food stores; however suitably ‘kosher’ solutions tell yourself: “I deserve me-time!” Pick up some epsom salt from our suggested spots during your next errand run (or even ‘if ain’t nobody got time fo dat’) comfortably within arm’s reach when enjoying bath time later. So go ahead, give an “oooh” “aaah” moment another notch by soaking in nourishing minerals before shuffling back off into everyone else’s reality again!