Where to buy casein a2 milk?

If you’re a fan of milk but have been experiencing digestive issues, it’s possible that you may be sensitive to the A1 protein found in regular cows’ milk. The good news is that there are several places where you can buy casein A2 milk, an alternative that has been praised for its potential benefits.
So if your stomach churns at the thought of traditional dairy products, read on for our guide on where to find this magical elixir!

Health Benefits of Casein A2 Milk

Before we dive into where to buy it, let’s take a moment to discuss why someone might choose casein A2 over regular cows’ milk.

Some research suggests that consuming casein A2 instead of traditional cows’ milk could lead to a reduction in gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating and cramping. This is because people who experience lactose intolerance may actually be having trouble with the different types of proteins found in cow’s milk – specifically, one called beta-casein.

Regular cow’s milk contains two forms of beta-caseinin: A1 and A2. But many people believe that only drinking the purest form — i.e., exclusively from cows producing predominantly just type-A2 protein – can help avoid those nasty side effects.

Additionally some studies suggest incorporating dairy with only or highest percentage (%) of ‘’Casein protein type” (i.e pure 100% or >90% expressed as percents) caries beneficial nutrient advantages- vitamins like B12 , minerals like calcium and potassium etc .

Though scientific evidence supporting all these claims still needs more data collection and analysis however many swear by switching between their conventional source with “A 200 % Richer Source Remarkable Differences Cant Ignore When Compared To Daily Intake”.

Now let’s get down touugh and sourcyiouss hunt started for options available!

Health Food Stores

There’s a good chance that you can find casein A2 milk, in the form of whole, low-fat or skimmed which ever floats your boat, at any health food store worth their salt – and probably for a less-than-salty price too!

Many high-street stores like Whole Foods offer the amazing option for it’s customer as well. Do not be afraid to ask staff in this instance though , They are incredibly kind and well informed about dietary related queries – sometimes even able to help with other options that might work best for your lifestyle and tastes.

Side tip: While you’re there browsing through aisles also have consider alternatives like almonds mylk /oat mylks etc along with dairy free cheese sparingly available when picking up some nutritious snacks.

Online Retailers

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to track down casein A2 milk is by ordering online. It saves precious time on physically exploring various stores while ensuring comfort & covid regulations being taken care off .

Amazon will obviously come out as first choice since they started selling everything across globe but there’s more options available than just Amazon! Some sites might specialize only in organic products or premium-grade milks; be sure to pay attention on delivery times though. We wouldn’t want weeks-old milk hitting our doorsteps, do we?

So hoorah seekers – typically prices vary according to availability/ location/brands/times etc so dig deep into comparisons before placing an order.Summer SALES generally affects retail price points 😉

Specialty Dairy Shops

If you’re looking for something special rather than bog-standard cow’s milk, local shops may excel furthermore while keeping transparency regarding origin/farming practices etc based ethos & selection process . Look up small business diaries or search engine catered queries displaying exact words “A-1 Vs A-2” or check based keywords such as open air markets held periodically.

Bloom Greenery Market or Organic Farmers Delivery Service would make ideal weekend getaway for city residents , perfect chance to stock up on fresh, quality and even locally-sourced match made in heaven due to stringent food safety certifications which can offer organic options!


Got Milk? Go farm-to-table, baby!

Look around your town’s outskirts or search engines with location parameters and you’ll likely find a few farms that sell their own milk straight from the cow-remindful of much simpler time !

You may have luck joining social networks  as such farming groups often circulate news about seasonal vs year round availability along with providing many other practices . Some farms even let customers visit and see how their animals are treated – always beneficial to know where our food comes from.

Getaway Plan: Plan a local trip away if you live within an accessible distance ( taxi/train/bus )from any Ideal Location Offering Multiple Natural Products !

Cow Shares

Alternatively depending upon norms and regulations of specific areas/jurisdiction purchases for limited duration owning “Cow shares “ might be available on chalk-board basis where multiple people can pool resources until reach desired amount which makes the purchase marginally cheaper compared when purchased separately.

BENEFITS: Farmer is assured return pre-hand leading him not having to store milk while trying maintain his livestock health well fed; consumers get fresh pure milk fractions without bearing burden of dairy equipment costs !

Some farmer communities don’t openly advertise although browsing through local newspaper listings should yield some results .

Big Box Stores

Finally, who could forget big box retailers like Wal-mart etc– readily available almost everywhere being synonymous with convenience lifestyle – timesaving too as only one-stop-shop required for all household shopping( Bonus Points: pump out those progressive reward points programmes).

Most supermarkets now-a-days tend to keep substantial inventory solely operating large scale procurement systems aiming at reducing demand-supply gap – looking out for exclusive discount schemes ? May-be holiday season deals have your back !

So, there you have it – our guide on how to source casein A2 milk without blowing a fortune while keeping in mind the health factor & dietary requirements . Happy hunting!

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