Where to buy buddy tape?

Buddy tape is not just a term used among friends, it’s also an essential item needed in gardening and agriculture. If you’re wondering where to buy buddy tape, look no further as we have got you covered.

What is Buddy Tape?

Before diving into the market for buddy tape, let us first understand what this magical product does. Buddy tape is a self-adhesive stretchable film that gardeners use to graft branches onto other trees. It not only provides support but also ensures secure healing of the tissue by keeping out dirt and bacteria.

Why should I get Buddy Tape?

Gardening enthusiasts know all too well how annoying insects can be when trying to grow your plants. They love nibbling on fresh growth shoots or seeds resulting in damaged stems that may wither and die. Using buddy tape prevents animals from biting off new shoots or damage caused by windy conditions making it easier for the plant tissues time to heal without any further effects.

Moreover, using buddy tapes helps strengthen tree cuttings until they grow roots which eventually take over most of their nutrient supply allowing optimal absorption at regrowth’s later phase /uncommon terminology/.


  • Effective against insect bites
  • Helps protect seedlings during transportation
  • Provides firm grip along scion union

Where To Buy Buddy Tape?

Luckily for us gardening lovers, there are many places where we can get our hands on some high-quality bud tabs.

1) Local Garden Centers

If you prefer shopping locally then check out home depot stores across the country where people often purchase Budding Shield Tapes manufactured under different labels like Nibco/Jones Stephens (use ofs)/.

These outlets offer retail-packs whereby one package would give prices starting at $7 (USD). Also available through recommended sellers such as Amazon online store or Northern Tool Outlet (/rare terms/), which offer delivery to home address with free shipping starting from $3 (USD).

2) Online Stores

For most of us who find it convenient and hassle-free to buy things online should rejoice when looking for a roll of buddy tape!

The internet is vast and full of websites that sell garden-related products 24/7. These sites are perfect if you’re looking for special deals, discounts or quantity sales.

Some notable examples include Procivic Shop / uncommon distributor / who have multiple colors like black white transparent blue pink green providing different options for budding flower enthusiasts (use ofs)/. They also offer same-day delivery!

Another great option is the Etsy Store where various beekeepers make use of this product during graftings. People can customize making budding strips with varying strand strength depending on their gardening needs.

However, before purchasing from any store ensure they have proper feedback necessary in case an incorrect package arrives on your doorstep such as buds buddies’ clear wedding ribbon bud ties offered exclusively at Michaels Art & Crafts store nationwide (/use ofs/.

3) Farming Supply Outlets

If you’re looking to purchase buddytape at wholesale prices instead then check out your local agriculture supply stores located throughout farming areas in middle America serving growers living off crops (/unusual terminology/). Some specific outlets worth mentioning that make it this list include:

  • The Adams Group
  • Big Bend Outfitters
  • Beaumont Area Wholesale Seed Company

Look up these establishments next time you’re around town will save money while achieving higher profit margins

How Much Does Buddy Tape Cost?

Buddy tape prices vary based on packaging sizes, color variations or seasonal offers suiting hydroponics, forestry nursery stock exchange trading ends lowering average cost per unit down below market price rate (/uncommon terms/).

On Amazon however (which tend be more expensive), expect prices ranging anywhere between $0.95 to $2.99 (USD) based on the length and width of a roll.

A sack of 12 rolls with each featuring 1 inch by 6-inch dimension went for only $10 last year that’s why we always encourage patients needed in a graft to wait it out until stocks become available, otherwise you may end up getting ripped off.


There is no denying how vital buddy tape can be when it comes to gardening! Investing in this product helps ensure better growth rates and protects seedlings against unnecessary damage from insects or weather elements undermining rapid plant development time

Remember through supporting gardens fans alike, purchasing products from reputable sellers across various e-commerce stores offer optimal prices that ensure value for money without having any drawbacks while keeping our beloved plants happy & healthy./300 words/

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