Where to buy biofreeze cvs?

Are you in search of the magical elixir that will alleviate your aching joints and sore muscles? Do not fret for we bring to you the highly sought after remedy- Biofreeze! Now, if you are scratching your head wondering where to buy biofreeze cvs, then look no further because we have got all the information you could possibly need!

What is Biofreeze?

Before delving into the whereabouts of buying this wonder drug, let’s take a moment to understand what exactly is it. For those who think that Biofreeze is some sort of love potion or an ice cream flavor(no jokes there!), well, sorry mate but it’s neither. It is a topical analgesic which contains menthol as its active ingredient that soothes muscle pain and reduces inflammation.

The buzz around this gel started mainly for two reasons: Firstly- It provides quick relief from joint pain without leaving any residue(woohoo!). Secondly – There aren’t many products out there with menthol as their primary ingredient,so this was like striking gold for athletes who needed something quickly effective.

Buying Options

Now comes the big question- ‘Where can I get my hands on this stuff?’ Well,don’t unravel yourself yet because options abound!

Option 1 – CVS Store

CVS Pharmacy stores generally stock up on several branded muscle rubs including BIOFREEZE So when someone asks ‘where can I buy biofreeze near me?’ The answer would most probably be at one of these renowned pharmacy chains. Not sure how far away your nearest CVS store might be? Here’s a list with our top picks:

City Nearest CVS Store
NYC 340 Amsterdan Ave
LA 504 N. Alvarado Street
CHI 5219 N Broadway St #2, Chicago.
HOU 12260 Westheimer Road
MIA [8755 NW 186th St ] (https://mystore411.com/store/view/24548/CVS-City-of-Miami-Gardens)

Option 2 – Online Retailers

For those who detest the idea of going to a store or are simply too lazy/busy to step out of their homes, there’s good news! You can always order Biopfreeze from reputed online sources like Amazon, Walmart and Walgreens.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Biofreeze is one among the two muscle rubs prescribed by chiropractors and Physical therapists in the United States?(not surprising though!)

Option 3 – Brick-and-mortar drugstores

Another option available for people looking to buy biofreeze cvs is at brick-and-mortar drug stores such as Rite Aid,Boots Master, Kroger and others. All these retail giants’ stock biopfreeze regularly and so it shouldn’t be hard tracking them down.

Going The DIY Route

What if wandering around looking for a CVS pharmancy sounds tiresome? Not keen on spending bucks buying online or even heading to another physical store? Fear not, for there’s always a workaround. You can create your own version of biofreeze at home using ingredients available in your kitchen shelves! Here is how you can do it.


  • Peppermint oil (5-8 drops)
  • Aloe Vera gel (2 tablespoons)
  • Rubbing alcohol( 1 tablespoon)


  1. In a small bowl, mix peppermint oil and aloe vera gel well until the former gets evenly dispersed.
  2. Add rubbing alcohol and blend the mixture again
  3. Pour these contents into an empty re-purposed Biofreeze cream tube or bottle(preferably one that’s already been cleaned by rinsing with hot soapy water).
  4. Leave this solution in open air to settle down instantly then cover it up and refrigerate for later use.

Voila! Your own homemade biopfreeze is ready! The menthol-like properties from the peppermint should work great within minutes after application to help ease muscle pain naturally without any harsh chemicals involved.

Parting Thoughts

At times, finding relief from muscular discomfort might feel like mission impossible but fortunately,Biopfreeze allows us just enough flexibility that we need when tried & true restorative methods are nigh-impossible.Your desired tissues may no longer scream out vocally with agonizing utterances after taking bouts of Biopfrezze medications via products such as gels,drops,powders etc.If you’re tired of putting up with irritated joints,muscles going numb,no reason why this sense-enhancing icing isn’t worth trying next time around.What type of feeling does Biopreeeze render within customers? Some have reported hints of therapeutic coolness,cleaning off uncomfortable sensations based both on ancient medicines alongside current western research.Luckily,BioFreeze comes labeled Not Just Physiotherapist Recommended Over Because It Works brilliantly against stimuli/nociceptors alike.

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