Where to buy amprolium for chickens?

Not sure it would make it through the mail as I think it is regulated by Cfia.. you can buy amproline liquid (same drug different form) from vets and some feed stores do still have it available. Vets will sell it in 1 litre poured off bottles or will sell you a 4 litre jug. The feed stores only sell it in 4 litre jugs.

Is amprolium an antibiotic or not? The fact: Contrary to popular belief, Amprolium is not an antibiotic. It is a thiamin blocker, and the cocidia parasite needs thiamin to multiply in the gut of a bird. Myth #3: I do not want residual drugs in my meat or eggs.

How long to feed medicated chick feed? Most people use a medicated feed for the first few weeks of a chicken’s life. You should stop using medicated feeds at 18 weeks for layers and about 2 weeks before you intend to butcher meat birds — even if you haven’t finished the medicated feed.

What are symptoms of cocci in chickens? The most common symptoms of cocci are: diarrhea and/or blood and/or mucous in droppings. lethargy, listlessness. pale skin color. loss of appetite. weight loss in older chickens. failure of chicks to grow/thrive.

How is Amprolium eliminated from the human body?

How is Amprolium eliminated from the human body? Amprolium is rapidly (within hours) eliminated from the organism via kidneys. It is commercially available in formulations for oral administration (oral solution for administration to drinking water). It has no adverse effects and is considered one of the safest anticoccidial drugs.

How does amprolium work as an antibiotic for chickens? It is in no way an antibiotic nor does it function in remotely the same way. It acts by preventing the cocci protozoa from absorbing enough Thiamin to grow and reproduce, thus keeping the cocci numbers under control long enough for the chicken to develop some immunity to the strains present in their environment.

Why is amprolium used as an anticoccidial drug? It is thiamine antagonist and due to its close structural similarity it blocks the thiamine receptors. This blockage of receptors prevents coccidia from utilizing thiamine and as a result thiamine is unavailable to coccidian (Competitive inhibition of thiamine uptake).

What kind of animals can Amprolium be used for? Amprolium is marketed only for veterinary use, sold alone or in combination with a substituted aminobenzoic methyl ester (ethopabate, a p-aminobenzoic acid analogue, which interferes with folic acid biosynthesis), or in combination with sulfonamides or pyrimethamine. It is used in poultry and cattle.