Where to buy absorbine jr antifungal?

Do you have a fungus problem that’s driving you nuts? Maybe it started out as a small spot on your foot, and now it’s grown into a full-blown colony. Or perhaps the thought of being seen in public with sandals on fills you with dread because of what could be growing between your toes… Fear not my friend, for I have embarked upon the great quest to find the holy grail of antifungals: Absorbine Jr! In this article, we’ll explore where to buy Absorbine Jr antifungal and hopefully put an end to your fungal nightmare.

What is Absorbine Jr Antifungal?

Before we delve deep into where one can purchase this magical cure-all product, let us first get acquainted with exactly what makes up Absorbine Jr Antifungal. Essentially it is a cream or lotion that contains undecylenic acid, which is derived from castor oil, along with several other active ingredients such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. These natural ingredients help combat fungal infections like athlete’s foot by stopping them dead in their tracks.

Why Choose Absorbine Jr?

Why choose this particular antifungal over others? Well, apart from its all-natural formula (which frankly should sell itself), many people swear by its effectiveness at tackling stubborn fungal infections like ringworm or jock itch. It also has additional benefits beyond just killing off the fungus – it helps soothe redness and itching caused by these types of skin irritations.

But enough chatter about why it’s so fantastic – let’s get down to brass tacks: Where do we go about buying ourselves some sweet sweet relief in tube form?


It goes without saying that Amazon seems to sell everything under the sun these days (even live bugs). Naturally then, this is the first place my intrepid fungal-hunting skills led me. It did not disappoint – a quick search brings up several options for Absorbine Jr antifungal creams, including various sizes and packaging such as tubes or pump bottles.

One particular product stood out to me: “Absorbine Jr Antifungal Cream (1 Pack of 0.5 oz)” which incidentally has some impressive customer reviews ranging from “This is THE best!” to “… works like a charm”. Definitely worth considering!


Perhaps you prefer shopping in-store rather than online? That’s certainly understandable – there’s something about physically picking up the product you’re about to buy that just feels right (or maybe that’s just me).

In any case, Walgreens drugstore also carries Absorbine Jr antifungal lotion. Their website shows that it can be found under the foot care section and retails at around $8-9 per bottle.


Never one to be left out in these searches of mine, I took myself over to Walmart with high hopes of finding some Absorbine Jr on their shelves. Not only was I able to find it here but they had quite an extensive range available! Absorbine Jr Maximum Strength Pain Relieving Liquid: Antifungal Gel, anyone?

Pricing wise, you’ll be looking at between $6-7 dollars for a tube or bottle of lotion depending on size and formulation.

CVS Pharmacy

As we all know by now – being able to nip into your local pharmacy for those essential supplies can be a lifesaver sometimes when things get hectic (cough covid cough). So can you trust CVS pharmacy will have what you need?

According to their website – yes! They carry both cream and powder versions from different manufacturers such as Merck & Co Inc., Mycocide┬«, Prestige Brands Holdings Inc amongst others.


Last but not least, of course, we have to mention the almighty red bullseye-shaped store that is Target. And yes once again – Absorbine Jr antifungal is available here too! They stock both cream and liquid options at reasonable prices ranging from $6-$7 depending on which version you opt for.


So there you have it folks – my extensive search across online marketplaces and brick-and-mortar stores has successfully uncovered a range of shopping destinations stocking our beloved Absorbine Jr antifungals. It’s comforting to know relief (and your fungus) is never too far away!

I hope this article has been helpful to all those in need of some fungal-fighting aid (or just anyone curious about where one might go looking for things like this). No longer do we have to suffer in silence while these pesky fungi take over (cue dramatic horror movie music). Until next time, stay safe and healthy out there!