Where should nicotine patches be placed?

A nicotine patch looks much like an adhesive bandage and comes in a variety of sizes. You’ll put it on in the morning, on a clean, dry, and relatively hairless part of the body between the neck and the waist — for example, on the upper arm or the chest.

Where is the best place to wear a nicotine patch? Each adhesive patch contains a specific amount of nicotine embedded in a pad or gel that steadily travels out of the patch, through the individual’s skin, and into their bloodstream. The patch may be placed anywhere on a person’s torso that is clean, dry, and non-hairy, but most are recommended to be placed on the upper arm.

Where to place Nicoderm patch? According to Nicoderm CQ’s manufaturer, the patch can be worn on almost any non-hairy area of the body. So, yes, it can be worn on the belly. Mild itching, redness, burning, and stinging can happen at the application site.

Where to apply nicotine patch on body? The effective place and timing for nicotine patch are in the morning, on a clean, dry hairless part of the body between neck and waist like on upper arm and chest, and the patch should be changed daily and always prefer to stick a new patch on a different location than previous one to avoid skin irritation.

Can you smoke on the patch? However, never use a nicotine patch and smoke at the same time. Smoking and wearing a nicotine patch at the same time can cause a nicotine overdose which can sometimes cause death. Be aware of any symptoms you develop while wearing a nicotine patch to recognize a possible nicotine overdose.