Where Is The Best Chocolate In The World?

Chocolate connoisseurs know there’s nothing quite like sinking their teeth into velvety, rich, and delectable chocolate. With its bitter-sweetness that tantalizes your taste buds–chocolate is one of those rare things that can bring happiness even on a bad day. If you’re looking for the best chocolate in the world, the kind that makes you want to throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into heaven–you’re in luck! We’ve scoured every corner of the planet to show you where you can find it.

Let’s Get Started: Understanding Chocolate

Before we go out hunting for the finest chocolate in all the land, let’s talk about what makes good chocolate. It may surprise some people to know that not all chocolates are created equal.

Cocoa Percentage Makes All The Difference

That’s right; cocoa percentage plays a massive role when distinguishing between good and bad chocolate. Lower-grade chocolates often have very little cocoa mass or paste included within them. Ideally, if it’s considered “dark” chocolate and has less than 50% cocoa mass – then it’s basically just dairy with artificial flavors added.

On the other end of this sweet spectrum lies high-quality dark chocolate such as Cru Virunga at 70%. This brand comes from Congo and features complex flavor notes such as tobacco and red fruit alongside softer hints of vanilla sweetened with golden cane sugar- this is certainly worth trying!

Single-Origin vs Blend Chocolates

There are also two types of gourmet chocolates: single-origin chocolates & blend chocolates. While blends offer richer textures and an extensive range of flavors due to being made from composite cocoas; Single-origin blends create fondant-like tastes which burst on your tongue instantly because makers use beans gathered straight from one source – Better still? They usually come in a range of natural flavors such as caramel and fruity.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some outstanding single-origin chocolates, we suggest heading over to Peru’s Norandino cooperative or the Swiss Felchlin village that features ‘Grand Cru’ so rare that even their growers aren’t sure what they’re going to taste like.

Now let’s dive into where we can find these heavenly candy bars!

The Top 3 Countries That Boast Exceptional Chocolate

Be prepared – there may be some surprises here when it comes to which countries rank high for chocolate but hear us out:

Belgium: It’s All About Tradition!

When Belgium is discussed regarding chocolate making – all mouths begin watering by default because there would be no telling how many master chocolatiers Belgium has lurking in its cities producing world-class ingredients using traditional methods with a rustic consistency. Love melts in the mouth with each passing layer- it’s no doubt one of the most well-known chocolatiers globally- Godiva Chocolates finds its roots right inside this classic country. The delicacy lies not just in conquering tastes while nibbling but also in being able to sense ancient traditions echoing from street corners; explore Brussels or Bruges’ old streets, and you’ll understand what I mean.

Ecuador: A Rare-But-Worthy Contender!

It may have shocked readers to see Ecuador listed here, since it isn’t often brought up in conversations about good food. Still, this South American nation has been producing top-quality cocoa beans since time immemorial thanks largely due to suitable weather conditions and environmentally-friendly practices–but obviously, Quality-wise – how far does Ecuador go?

Well if you’re familiar with UK’s market scene then you would’ve heard one of my personal favorites “ Pacari “ who produces around twelve varieties made completely organically without compromising quality offers unique tastes notably marketed just last year are their Lemongrass flavored criollo beans!.

Germany: A Chocolate-lover’s Paradise!

Germany is home to just as many chocolatiers as it is beer-brewers – each one has managed to highlight different aspects of chocolate taste, putting new flavors behind the counters. Anyone can visit Ulm city and find Johann Georg Hartmann who opened his very own factory in 1863 creating unique molds alongside traditional roasted milk chocolates – while over to Bonn you’ll come across ‘Pralinenclub’ holding up a lineage that dates back several generations, making fans fall more enamored with its textures day by day!

Traveling Outside The Box: Lesser-known Countries That Impress

Now we’ve covered tradition-rich Belgium, rare-but-worthy Ecuador & ever-indulgent Germany but don’t be hasty – there are still some surprising names left on our list; excluded due entirely through no fault of their own (just majorly underrated).

Madagascar – A Surprising Country When It Comes To Chocolate Making!

Madagascar is beloved for both its vanilla and cocoa beans and ‘Chocolaterie Robert’ makes good use out of this life-sustaining commodity– they produce single-origin bars featuring exquisite texture options like smooth or crispy chocolate slabs topped with praline- all of which have been known to win hearts from millions worldwide.

Needless to say. . . it’s a pity how often people tend not to look beyond what’s given mainstream exposure– because local delicacies hardly make international headlines- ignore “Tabasco” at your own risk folks!

Mexico – More Than Just Tacos And Burritos!

Mexico not only holds countless natural wonders but contributing quality chocolates produced from right inside these gorgeous country borders is mostly unknown ground-cover. There are plenty of fine selections for discerning palates such as the Mexcalia, a brand specializing in Mesoamerican traditions with their freshly pressed cocoa beans, giving natural low-acidic tastes and undertones of berries- hinting towards an excellent enjoyment with a glass of any rustic wine.

Vietnam – The Surprising Up And Coming Chocolate Country?

Better recognized as a staple for producing stunning pho dishes– Vietnam is quickly making its namesake across the board in chocolate territory. In fact, there are some regions featuring internationally favored delicacies like “ Shokolat en Spragg’s” garnering attention from chocolatiers worldwide catering to vegan consumers while introducing local ingredients in their variety!

Vietnam also boasts ‘Marou’— winner of several prestigious awards by using uniquely crafted wooden vats and applying slow-craft techniques that shun the idea of using modern machinery!

There you have it – those were our top picks for the best chocolates from around the globe that’ll deliver on satisfaction every time. Whether you’re looking for tradition-rich classics or innovative new brands producing extraordinary flavors- there truly is something out there waiting just for you to discover!

So go ahead – take your taste buds on an adventure or two; discover new delights spanning through one edge of our elegant world borders to another- who knows? Maybe you can come up with your list inspired by everything we’ve covered today!

FAQ: Where Is The Best Chocolate In The World?

Q. What country produces the best chocolate in the world?

A. There is no single country that produces the best chocolate in the world. Chocolate production and quality vary widely across different regions and countries.

Q. What are some of the top chocolatiers in Europe?

A. Some of the top chocolatiers in Europe, known for their high-quality chocolates, include Lindt & Sprüngli (Switzerland), Valrhona (France), Leonidas (Belgium), and Venchi (Italy).

Q. Which type of cocoa bean is considered to be the most flavorful?

A. Criollo cocoa beans are generally considered to be the most flavorful variety, although they are also more rare and expensive than other varieties such as Forastero or Trinitario.

Q. Can you recommend any specific brands or types of chocolate to try?

A. Some highly recommended brands and types of chocolate include Mast Brothers (USA), Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada), Amedei Toscano Black 70% (Italy), Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72% (France) and Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate 85% (Ecuador).

Q. Are there any specialty shops or stores where I can purchase unique or exotic chocolate flavors?

A. Yes, many specialty shops and online stores offer unique or exotic flavors of chocolate that may not be available at regular grocery stores such as Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Chuao Chocolatier, zChocolat, Cacao Sampaka.

Q: How important is origin when it comes to choosing good quality chocolate?

A: Origin plays a significant role in determining taste when it comes to chocolates made with pure cacao beans like single-origin dark chocolates. Each region has a distinct flavor due to factors like soil condition, temperature, rainfall, and processing methods. However, for milk chocolates or chocolate-based products like truffles or bars with added flavors, origin may not be the sole factor contributing to taste.

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