Where is purple mattress manufactured?

Welcome to the world of mattresses, where choosing one can be just as confusing and complicated as understanding quantum mechanics. However, if you’ve landed here, it’s probably because you’re wondering where your beloved Purple mattress was made.

Rest assured because that’s exactly what we’ll be digging into today.

A Little Background

Before we dive deep into the manufacturing locations, let me give a brief background about Purple so that you don’t have any questions while reading further.

What is Purple Mattress?

Purple is an American company that designs and manufactures mattresses along with pillows, bedding accessories like sheets and protectors. It belongs to the growing category of ‘bed-in-a-box’ manufacturers– meaning they ship their products directly from their factory to your doorstep.

This innovative trend has caught on worldwide for its convenience factor in delivering good quality mattresses at more affordable prices than conventional retail stores offer.

Who founded it?

Purple was co-founded by two brothers Tony Pearce and Terry Pearce in Utah in 2015 intending to bring healthier sleep options without breaking the bank. Since then, Purple’s flagship product ‘The Purple®️ Bed’ has gained popularity among customers across North America due to its unique purple grid technology allowing stress-free sleeps for most types of sleepers.

Now comes the million-dollar question – [Where exactly do they manufacture?]

To answer this clearly requires us first categorizing version-wise based on ages & types of beds offered by purple:

Manufacturing Locations Based On Types

Original Series (discontinued)

The original series featured hyper-elastic polymer foam or “smart material” distributed through columns inside a cotton blend cover which gives it bounce whilst causing less pain point pressure during each movement compared with traditional spring mattresses found in stores locally.

But alas! This series ended production in late 2020.

So, where was it made during the time we had them?

Well, they were manufactured mostly in Saratoga Springs, Utah. However, some units may also have been produced overseas due to overseas orders or reasons like lack of production power.

New Hybrid Premier Series

Now that Originals are no longer available let’s shift our focus on their newer mattress series- The hybrid premier combines its unique purple grid into individually wrapped coils for half the height and twice the comfort.

Where is this new invention coming from?

This bed is one-of-a-kind because Purple manufacturers it themselves!

In fact, all Purple mattresses are currently made only at their manufacturing facilities located across four states within the United States:
– Grantsville in Utah
– Alpine (east-wing Mobile facility) which has now taken up LA based Geos​ ​factory’s building resources.
– Thomaston (Georgia)
– McDonough Ga(partnership with a factory out there)

Wait you say……..Utah‽ Georgia‽ …How does a company transport products between these diverse locations?

Shipping Facility: Explained

Just when we thought finding their location was impossible turns out they’ve pretty much revealed everything already:

They use strategically located warehouses spread large enough throughout American soil making distribution easier while avoiding potential delivery delays.

Thus from an Alabama-based eCommerce consumables supplier named “PackSize” website we learned that Purple manages two fulfillment centers –one primarily servicing eastern US region from Stockton , and second servicing western side from Salt Lake City(UPS)

It’s not rocket science tho but incredibly impressive how companies such as Purple make eCommerice – heck even operational management look so effortless.

Hope our analytical investigation puts your insomniac concerns comes at rest by providing critical information required to make empowered purchase decision.

Below is a summary of Purple’s production information:

Bed Series Places of Manufacture
Original Saratoga Springs, Utah
Hybrid Premier Grantsville in Utah
Alpine(east-wing Mobile facility) ~~Geos fac building~~
Thomaston (Georgia)
Mcdonough Ga(partnership with a factory out there)

Purple takes great pride in being an American company that produces everything here. Be rest assured that while buying Purple mattress, you’re also making conscious yet affordable choices to buy genuine “Made-In America” products without any deception.

That said we recommend going through the details more carefully before coming to your own informed conclusions as new developments regarding factories might come up after this article has been written or news releases have happened so always be vigilant!

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