Where does trigeminal nerve exit the skull?

Have you ever wondered where the trigeminal nerve actually exits your skull? Or are you one of those people who prefer not to waste their precious neurons thinking about it? Well, either way, hold on tight because this article is going to take you on a wild and random journey through the anatomy and physiology of this fascinating facial nerve.

A Brief Introduction to Cranial Nerves

Before we dive into the specifics of the trigeminal nerve exit, let’s have a quick refresher course in cranial nerves. Cranial nerves are 12 pairs of nerves that originate in different parts of your brain and extend outwards through various openings in your skull. These nerves carry sensory or motor information between your face, neck, head, and most importantly – your brain.

Some cool facts about cranial nerves include:

  • They were first described by Galen (a Greek physician) back in 130 AD
  • They range from being purely sensory (like olfactory) to being purely motor (like hypoglossal)
  • Some cranial nerve names don’t make any sense at all (hello vagus!)

But enough chit-chat – let’s focus on everyone’s favorite fifth cranial nerve: The Trigeminal Nerve!

Anatomy & Functions of Trigeminal Nerve

The trigeminal nerve is responsible for multiple functions including:

  • Sensory input from your face (touch, temperature etc.)
  • Motor control for muscles involved with chewing
  • Involvement with reflex actions like blinking when something bright comes close to our eyes.

Within each side of our brains there are three trigeminal nuclei along its length which process these different types sensory inputs for different areas.

The Three Branches Of TriGemInal II :-

Nowadays acronyms are an essential part so yeah! We can give some information about it also.

The trigeminal nerve itself is divided into three main branches, imaginatively called the ophthalmic (V1), maxillary (V2) and mandibular (V3).


Origins – Nucleus is Located in midbrain, Midline.

Anatomy – Periphery exits through Superior Orbital Fissure

What it does- Sensory Information regarding skin of Forehead, Area around Eyes and Nose.


Origins – Nucleus Located in Middle Pons.

Anatomy – Exits through Foramen Rotundum located within Sphenoid Bone.

What does it do? It Receives sensory information from Sinuses, Upper Jaw,Gums etc.


If you thought you have seen enough funny acronyms for one day then you are mistaken because TriGemInal has yet another gem for us:

Mandible branch of Trigeminal = ManDy NoTeS

Mandibular Branch – originates from lateral pons region
(Man) via large semi-circular projection at base of brainstem near ear areas on either side called as Trigeminal Ganglia.
The exit point: Foramen ovale which is medial to Infratemporal Crest opens up between two uneasily pronounced bones- sphenoid and temporal bone ending its journey inside mouth cavity .

What it Does:- This Super Important Mouthy Guy Controls Chewing movements while detecting Pain & Temperature sensations(regarding lower jaw Teeth,Ears,Ducts).

Now that was an overview of our dear unyielding friend,trigeminal! Let’s dive deeper into tracing his route.

The Journey Begins- Inside Your Brain!

So picture this: there are three nuclei inside your brainstem (the area right above your spinal cord) that receive sensory information from the ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular branches of the trigeminal nerve. These nuclei then send their axonal projections (kinda like wirings) to different parts of your brain for further processing.

But where does this wiring leave our amazing little trigeminal friend? Well…

Exit Point 1: Superior Orbital Fissure

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the ophthalmic branch exits through a place called superior orbital fissure? Yeah so turns out, once it leaves your brainstem, the axonal projection takes a turn towards this bony opening and eventually emerges out through it!

And guess which part of your face receives all these sensory inputs collected by V1 upon exiting via Superior Orbital Fissure ? The forehead,nose and eyesight region.

Exit Point 2: Foramen Rotundum

Now digs up dictionary What is Foramen?!

Here’s an explaination : A foramen is an opening in bone structure that allows nerves or blood vessels to enter or exit bones.

It’s time for Maxillary our beloved middle kid!

So Maxillary exits skull located within sphenoid bone along with some other important pastimes like possible alien contact,Liquid filtration etc.,via Foramina Rotundum . This guy carries lots of valuable input about Skin,Cheeks,Noses,Mucous membranes across regions surrounding Upper Jawline area isn’t he multi-talented afterall.

Exit Point 3: Foramen Ovale

Ahoy-Hoy Sailor! It’s our final destination-Mandible Branch
And Final Goodbye To Our TriGemInal here!!
Its nucleus is closer to Medial Pons residing on outside sides but same location as Motor Neuron Nucleus(V).Once carried forward,it reaches Brain Steam External Surface via a Large Bulge called Trigeminal Ganglion.

Now here’s where the finale of our beloved trigeminal nerve exit takes place – just above your jawline there’s this little bony area called infratemporal crest. Out from behind this bony region, the wiring branches off into various trajectories to provide sensory inputs related to teeth,gums and lower face including tongue inside mouth !

I mean I don’t know about you but knowing where all those neurotic fits that we call as tooth pains come flaring up feels like an achievement in life!


So there you have it – a quick rundown of where exactly the trigeminal nerve exits the skull! It may seem complicated at first, but once broken down region by region-I guess with TriGemInal (our dear guest for today) being such a whimsical chap- one can always find fun-punny ways around it!.

Whether you’re looking to impress friends with random facts or just satisfy your own curiosity- Just be sure to always mind language whilst dental visits from now on folks!

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