Where does the skin go when you get a piercing?

So you’re curious where that little flap of skin goes after you get a piercing, huh? Well, my friend, pull up a chair and let’s dive into this weird and wonderful world of body modification.

First things first: when you get pierced, whether it’s your earlobe or your nether-region (hey now, no judgement here), the piercer will use a hollow needle to create an opening in your flesh. It might sound barbaric but trust me when I say they know what they’re doing.

Now, back to our question at hand – where does that extra flap of skin go?

The Healing Process

After getting pierced, new tissue forms around the jewelry as it heals. In order for that tissue to form properly, some excess skin needs to be pushed out of the way. This is why those initial 2 weeks can feel uncomfortable – not only is there foreign object in your body (ew) but also because THE SKIN IS PUSHING TO MAKE ROOM FOR IT!!

The push means there’s an outside hole area and there’s inside rooming under space meant for holding bling-bling! A stitch through both sides helps guide the metal jewellery during piercing!

In case you’re wondering about infections then don’t worry its normal . But if there’s pus formation with severe pain color tends reddish-purple- yellow then immediately visit medical care.

Your healing time depends on factors such as lifestyle choices (smoking impedes circulation which slows down healing times) hygiene maintenance routine along nutrition intake are few reasons necessary!

Reabsorption by Body

It may seem gross – yet many individuals would wonder how process gets rid of excessive surface tissues- irritating folds from beneath their intradermal fashion accessories!

When wound roof removes pressure ’GAGHH!’. Your body suffers soreness from all swollen cells.

However, puny skin cells break down and get cleared by lymphatic system’s ‘cleaners’!

Hooray for our immune systems, am I right?

It takes about 1 to 2 months on average before the tissue pushes the excess out entirely/falls off slowly!

If You Don’t Close The Hole

Every so often, people remove jeweller it from piercing. Usually you’re left with a visible hole in earlobe if not elsewhere as well.

Of course we don’t want ‘em unsightly looking dispositions pulling focus especially from this season clothing but those little holes are nature’s guiding pathways mainly where drainage occurs along serving simply more fluid excretions.

The hole remains as a mark of your momentary rebellion or perhaps memorable event. It also lets other individuals aware that you’ve been through experience too!

Top Tips

So now that we’ve got all scientific mumbo jumbo out of way, here are some quick tips on how to keep that new bit of shiny poking hole feeling healthy and happy:

  1. Follow aftercare routine strictly provided by piercer like using specially-made soap formulas nothing else intended for cleanliness purposes should be used!. Not doing proper hygiene care could lead bacterial infections.
  2. Avoid touching newly pierced site fingers/vicious cats/pups/dirty surfaces which causes further inflammation or even worse – infection!
  3. Watch what touches your piercing area…sweat is good in exercise but around fresh wounds? Not pleasant!
  4. Wear loosened-fitted clothes while going gym/yard work/challenges rather than tighter pants/garments this rule applies same goes swimming because materials have tendency stick together causing injury longer time period needed due irritation
    5 Keep an eye for any tell-tale changes in discharge/outward appearance such swelling/redness then rush straightaway medical attention without delay ’Go Go GO!’
    6 Be patient ~ Rome wasn’t built in a day; similarly, your piercing won’t heal overnight.

So there you have it – where that extra bit of skin goes when you get pierced. Who knew the human body was capable of such amazing things?

Now go forth and pierce responsibly!

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