Where does pancreas hurt?

The pancreas is a vital organ in the human body that plays an essential role in digestion and regulating blood sugar levels. However, like all organs, it can experience pain and discomfort. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into where the pancreas hurts and what you can do to alleviate the pain.

What is the pancreas?

For starters, let’s get acquainted with our friendly neighborhood organ – The Pancreas! Located behind your stomach towards your back (weird right?), it’s responsible for producing enzymes that help break down food so that our bodies can absorb nutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It also secretes hormones such as insulin which regulate blood sugar levels.

Signs of Pancreatic Pain

As we mentioned earlier, pancreatic pain isn’t something anyone should take lightly because not only does it affect your digestive ability but it also impacts how your entire body processes energy from food intake.
Offered here are some signs of pancreatic discomfort one must look out for:

Abdominal Pain

The most common symptom people associate with pancreatic issues would be abdominal pains. Although predicting where ouches originate within,
it has been found out to usually stem from upper abdomen pains (pretty vague though)

Back Pain

Have you ever felt sharp pain or notice stiffness around your middle part of places? That could very well indicate trouble around your panaceum ((I made this up don’t check Google lol unless..)… wait hold on semi-colon here because what I mean is- specifically (and sorry if I’m being too technical 🤓) at the center top portion of lumbar vertebrae L1-L3 in which by far means tenderness area shown on web anatomical references ((Don’t blame me I was checking)). So yes this area precisely covers mid-back under rib cage region)

Nausea and Vomiting

Another thing that you can experience when your pancreas is causing trouble are feelings of nausea and vomiting (Please don’t misinterpret with morning sickness lol). It happens because the organ produces digestive enzymes that breaks down food . If not regulated, it may cause an upset stomach which will lead to these discomforts.


People suffering from pancreatic complications tend to show yellowing in their eyes or skin. Familiarize yourself with common signs like jaundice so that a physician should be consulted immediately

Loss of Appetite

Contrary to popular belief; where people associated abdominal pains with hunger – this case presents differently- People who have pancreatic issues often times report loss of appetite

Common causes of Pancreatic Pain

Now let’s go over some things that could potentially cause pain and distress for our beloved pancrearitan (JUST KIDDING, really made up words prompt?)
Although a wide variety contributing factors like environmental pollutants or genetics exist, below seem to pose as more damaging agents:


Gallstones basically form from eating fatty foods leading up bile duct infection ->and finally if left unchecked… inflammation invasion within the body’s very own Pom Poms 😔


Pancreatits oftentimes occurs as a result chronic alcohol consumption (devilish whisper: kids drinking alcohol underage might accidentally bring forward adult diseases before supposed time- oh no!) That or simple too much junk food could also cause harm on long term basis.

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Great news everyone! Precautions went well! A physician likely will take X-rays or CT scans alongside blood tests (bet you appreciate them now) in order successfully diagnose patients’ pancreative statusesss (see I’m kind enough changing vocabulary halfway through😉

Based on results they’ll come up strategical plan:
Ask yourself:

Is it acute or chronic?
If acute: that means sudden onset of pain and inflammation- dangerous symptom because you‘ll be in-expectantly struck with increased likelihood of necrosis, tissue death. In this type, treatment may include hospitalization (Fast acting IV‘s /Intravenous fluids )for a supervised recovery.

For chronic cases
It requires efficient regulation of your diet to minimize discomforts and taking up on periodic consultation practices hopefully leading lifestyle convenience

Home Remedies

Listed here are few pointers for dealing with an attacking pancrease glands when symptoms act up at home:


Drink plenty water not only among patients going through recovery periods but also considered safe regular ingestion – promotes maximum functionality

Manage Current Diet

Do away from overly rich fiber-foods emphasizing preferably protein sources; staying creative can help alleviate repetitive meals stress.

### Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol intake could worsen current state of your pancreases health even after successful diagnoses is made

## Final Thoughts ##
Pancreas discomfort isn’t something anyone should take lightly. It’s important to recognize the signs and get prompt medical attention if necessary. At the same time though I hope this fun explicit article siphoned excitement within you towards learning more preventative measures for keeping our great organ pals happy!

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