Where does ovary pain hurt?

Ovary pain is a common problem among women of all ages. It can be quite uncomfortable and even debilitating at times, leaving you unable to perform your routine activities. But where does ovary pain hurt? Does it affect one side or both sides of the body? And what are some of the possible causes of ovarian discomfort?

In this article, we delve deep into everything you need to know about ovary pain – from its location and causes, to how to treat and prevent it.

What Are Ovaries, And Why Do They Matter?

Before we jump into things here, let’s get back to basics: what exactly are ovaries? Well ladies (and gents), these little oval-shaped organs nestled on either side of the uterus are an essential part of our reproductive system.

Firstly, they produce eggs that fertilize with sperms in case pregnancy occurs. Secondly, ovaries secrete hormones like estrogen and progesterone which regulate menstruation as well as have a big influence on overall health outcomes such as bone density/muscle mass/growth/development/skin & hair quality etc.

The Physiology Of Ovarian Function

The ovarian cycle typically lasts for around 28 days but varies from woman-to-women & also based on various factors i.e age/lifestyle/diet/etc.. During each cycle period-ovaries go through multiple phases including follicular phase,luteal phase,and menstrual phase:

Follicular Phase:

  • Involves maturation stage
  • Follicles release hormones called estradiol enabling endometrial lining development.

Luteal Phase:

  • Corpus luteum develops after follicle ruptures.
  • Corpus luteum releases progesterone-enriched fluid which promotes implantation within uterus

Menstrual Phase:

This happens only when no fertilization occurs. Endometrial tissue shed off and expunged out via cervix & vaginal canal.

Now that you’re up to date on Ovary 101 — let’s dig into where this pain is coming from

Location Of Ovary Pain

One of the most common signs of ovary pain is discomfort or sharp pain in one or both sides near the lower abdomen. While there may be intricate variations depending upon woman-to-woman and individual circumstances, listed below are a few possible sites for ovarian failure:

  • Pelvic Area
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Groin Region
  • Rear Side Below Waist (Commonly Right Side More Than Left)
  • Above Hip Bones (Due To Ectopic Pregnancy Or Ruptured Cysts)

The location and severity of the ovary pain will depend on what’s causing it. So if you slipped down somewhere without taking an ice bath later, then yes -that low belly cramp might just be muscle strain.

However, pay attention when:

Your abdominal/pelvic/groin discomfort lasts more than 48 hours
Its best practice anytime you experience any abnormality around your reproductive regions,recommend seeing a medical professional in due haste.

Possible Causes Of Ovarian Pain

There can be numerous reasons why our ovaries throw tantrums at us so often! And nope ladies… none of those reasons include being disloyal to their bff Ken-doll.. Here are some potential causes of ovary distress:


When presence endometrial tissue outside the uterus–can lead severe pelvic region inflammation with tremendous suffering.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(Condition):

Characterized by hormonal imbalances–polycystic ovaries hold immature follicles which translates into unscheduled prolactin patterns changing pregnancy possibilities.

Ectopic Pregnancy:

One of many serious situations concerning symptoms involves high fever,nausea and unbearable abdominal pain rushing emergency care.

Ovarian Cysts:

Fluid-filled sacs that develops on the ovary as part of physiological processes; occasionally can lead to ruptures transforming into extremely painful situations.

Ovarian Cancer:

Thorough check-ups are advised with expert assistance at earliest stages.
Majority ovarian cancer cases develop in the epithelium – some tumours contain germ cells/stromal cells[7]; known to unveil itself via sharp pelvic and abdominal congestion.

Treatment Of Ovary Pain

Now that we have drooled over all possible origins of our ovaries’ woes…Let’s look at relief methods!

Best practice should be an instant visit to a medical specialist due immediate clinical evaluation concerns. Following key treatments & management strategies for ovarian malfunction:

Pain Reliever Consumption

Initially mild symptoms might disappear when non-prescriptive medication such as naproxen/ibuprofen(accompanied By Anaesthetic Gels) is consumed according to your HCP (Health Care Professional)’s advice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In case hormonal dissuasion is reason behind this strain – you need a more holistic approach.Taking oestrogen supplements may prove helpful but said treatment plan should only be designed by Doctors specialised in hormone therapy field.

Surgery Options

Under certain scenarios surgery solution also becomes necessary so treating physicians recommend surgeries like:-
– Laparoscopy (small incisions made around surgical area)
– Salpingo-oophorectomy(ovary/tube removal procedure)

Recovery time ranges from days-to-week or two depending upon variety of factors i.e nutritional inputs/restrictions,mobility levels,dose consumption etc..

If symptoms persist long after potential cure parameters expiry,
It’s best if next step would consulting another Doctor and pursuing different diagnostic possibilities

Preventing Future Ovary-Hurts!

Precaution being better than cure,Maintaining Healthy habits and lifestyle are keys to preventing chances of ovary limbo in future. Here are a few go-to tips for keeping things happy down there:

Maintain Regular Correspondence With Gynecologist

Ovarian Issues can raise heads up anytime without alarming signals..Proactively making yearly visits for extensive check-up on early onset detection symptoms to ensure timely diagnosis is best solution.

Physical Exercise Can Work Miracles!

Regular physical activity not only helps control weight management but also stimulate hormones maintenance from within.

Consume A Diet Enriched In Nutrients

Stocking up with nutrient-packed foods not only assists reproductive health, but boosts immunity.The following foodstuffs might prove beneficial:
– High-fibre diets like whole cereals/pasta/brown rice/oatmeal/fruits/veggies/nuts.
– Vitamins rich food items i.e citrus fruits/milk/green leafy veggies/dry-fruits/etc.
As rule-of-thumb; high-calorie processed trans fats/saturated oils should be avoided altogether.

Minimize Stressful Activities

It wouldn’t hurt taking out time off your busy daily routine to relax, de-stress & finally appreciate life!


Like everything else in this beautiful world…our ovaries too have their meltdowns sometimes! Distinguishable inflammation around ovarian regions should never be overlooked or underestimated–as they may potentially lead bigger complications in long run. So watch out and show some empathy towards your body ladies…

Once again If you ever experience sharp pains,groin region discomfort lasting more than 48 hours… don’t wait anymore -get yourself checked by medical professional team!

Follow preventive measures as discussed earlier and let those ovaries grow old gracefully with you.

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