Where does a kidney infection hurt?

If you’re feeling pain in your lower back or side, it could be a sign of a kidney infection. But before you start diagnosing yourself with Dr. Google’s help, let’s dive deep into the topic and understand where exactly does a kidney infection hurt.

A kidney infection is an illness that occurs when bacteria invade one or both kidneys- the organs responsible for filtering waste products from blood and removing them through urine. These infections are usually caused by bacteria entering the body through urinary tract i.e., bladder, urethra, etc., and spreading to the kidneys.

Without treatment, kidney infections can cause some serious health issues such as severe damage to your kidneys or bloodstream infections (a condition known as sepsis) which might prove fatal if left untreated.

So now that we have understood what a kidney infection is let’s discuss its symptoms-

Symptoms of Kidney Infection

Kidney infections come with their own set of signs and symptoms that may vary from person to person in severity. Let’s list down some common symptoms experienced by patients who have been diagnosed with a kidney infection:

  • Pains around abdominal area
  • High fever along with chills
  • A frequent need to urinate
  • A burning sensation while passing urine
  • Blood present in urine

There hoard more subtle indications also like offensive-smelling urine/urine cloudiness accompanied by fatigue/general weakness .

These systemic effects can aggravate fast & will necessitate medical intervention so neglecting any symptom mentioned above won’t do good either ways…

Why Do You Feel Back Pain During Kidney Infections?

Did someone lure you into thinking that UTIs were only about fiery peeing? Turns out; it’s not! One significant pointer towards identifying whether it has preceded up till pyelonephritis (Scientific name – kidney infection we’re discussing) is lower back pain.

So why do you feel the pain in your lower back (not to be interpreted as near spine or within its layers)?

This occurs due to two reasons-
1. Location
2. Inflammation

Let’s quickly understand this;

Location – Kidneys are located on either side of your spine, where they’re protected by muscles and ribs just beneath.Diaphragm which is one of the primary muscle around kidney also shares a link with ribcage..Getting punctured so close wouldn’t have felt good to them anyways,right?

So during inflammation/infection, kidneys expand stretching pressure sensors present nearby signalling body about ache.

Inflammation -Due to infection that has reached outer layer of kidney(s), it triggers inflammatory response causing expansion ,this too leads to similar kind of symptoms discussed above but location wise- Lower Back!

Does Kidney Infection Pain Differ From Normal Lower-back Pain?

Aren’t we all squandered into feeling our usual backaches being linked with proliferation in workload/stress-levels lately? & now even these tiny filters inside us created confusion worse confounded ;But let me assure you-

Yes! There’s quite an evident difference between both.

Backache related to Pyelonephritis will witness atleast one more symptom listed down previously like fever/changes in urine colour etc…. Its level cannot always give conclusive insight but practicing risk-management every-now-&-then won’t harm right?

The intensity can vary from person-person too,i.e., some could experience excruciating agony whilst others might have manageable ache

Therefore, if struggling through any such discomfort/clumsy urine yet unsure/tense whether it’s organ-related; remember consulting here saves regretting later 🙂

So Where Exactly Is The Pain Located During A Kidney Infection?

As mentioned earlier, primarily what brings out the kidney infection – Lower Back! The hurt is chiefly homed near ribcage area, (right & left portions) as kidneys are seated beneath them towards the rear end.

Some patients have reported experiencing flank pain, which relates to discomfort developed due to inflammation in tissues between your ribs and hips; sometimes confusing it with lower abdominal pain.

Therefore a better way of identifying would be through use of nomenclature,Pyelonephritis can instigate peritonopathy,a dermatome especially involving T10-L1 that tends to generate one-sided abdominopelvic ache alongwith the already discussed tell-tale signs like fever or changes observed while passing urine

What To Do If You Think You Have A Kidney Infection?

If you feel like kidney infections resonate somewhere close “here”; keep calm & do not panic!

Here’s what you may want to follow for managing crisis:

  • Don’t hesitate visiting emergency/physician
  • Till then staying hydrated/busy in activities reducing lethargic behaviour won’t make matters adverse too ! Drinking ample water/not suppressing urge-to-bolt/toilet also assist.
  • During acute conditions administering medication followed by checkup enhances healthier prognosis barring any longer-term effects they come alongside

In more severe cases /if sepsis were precipitated , prompt medical attention might get suggested ; Hereby making self-diagnosis/self-decision making strategies not recommended at all.

Kidney infections infect numerous humans over lifetime however presuming problem without consultation could often upturn serious even life-threatening results….

Its symptoms authenticate its presence still differentiating from common scorching pee/buffeting routine stacked with painful movements gives us insight into actual magnitude… Remember asking experts instead of google ensures lesser fallacious assumptions from becoming our source!

Stay healthy!

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