Where do they sell sage near me?

Are you feeling spiritual? Are you looking for answers in life or maybe an answer to where they sell f$%ing sage near you?

Well, good news, we have managed to track down all of the sacred spots in your area that offer this elusive herb. You don’t have to be a shaman or a witch doctor to appreciate the power of sage. With its cleansing properties and delightful scent, everyone can benefit from having some sage around their home.

So without further ado, grab your broomstick and let’s fly through our guide on where the f#@!!$ do they sell sage near me!

Health Stores

If you are looking for organic or natural products then health stores would be a great place to start your search obviously. Many health stores carry different types of herbs and spices that cater not only for medicinal purpose but also culinary ones. Therefore find popular local healthy food shops like Earth Fare, Natural Grocers, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market selling sage might just come inside with one package.

Occult Shops

Have any mystical vibes lately? Check out occult shops because there is usually nothing stronger than these places when it comes to spellcasting merchandise availability if ya know what I mean. These places specialize in mystical objects like crystals, tarot cards and yes…sage too!!! If unsure about where these kind of shops are located visit online directories like Yelp.com so everything will become much much easier.

Some badass picks include: Enchantments, Catland Books and Zinzeudo

Online Retailers

You may think buying items online could potentially devalue them quality-wise due being unable smell/touch/see it first hand…BUT heck no!!! everybody has long switched from roadside vendors into digital shopping carts since Satan himself recommended Beelzebub the benefits of online shopping for his pitchforks. Once you are aware of what is right for your purpose, when it comes to obtaining sage there is ample internet retailers who will ship directly via post.

Check out www.magicalomaha.com or if caught up in panic over own spiritual journey go visit Amazon.

Farmers’ Markets

Just like health stores farmer’s markets also have unrivaled reputations when supplying fresh and locally sourced produce from farms throughout a given region sometimes garnished with an element of hippiness thrown in 😉 .

With this being said many farmers market sellers are passionate about organic farming and some boast stalls filled with herbaceous joys such as lavender, horny goat weed (if pharmacist prescribed!), and sage !!! + often cheaper than other outlets due direct farm-to-consumer curation style 😛

Visit https://www.localharvest.org/ or Facebook groups that advertise local events – put on some hemp pants, grab your basket/bag/tote and stroll off into herbal bliss.

Natural Food Shops

Natural food shops usually stock herbs too thus visiting one could kill two birds with same stone! These type of stores usually famous for high quality ingredients sans pesticide fillers / GMO crap/filled non-food variety extras. Furthermore natural food stores frequently sell products specifically catered towards veggie consumption as well which could be considered useful if confined to dietary requirements based only vegetables I.E VEGANISM

Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Market all offer alternatives without breaking bank balance –should totally work regardless whether someone is vegan or carnivorous meat-eater.

Specialty Grocery Stores

Specialty grocery stores provide however mostly focused on uncommon delicacies i.e items found harder attached outside borders but make exceptional tongue scrumptiousness!! One walking through these shelves may find themselves surprised by aisles where differently flavored rices mingle alongside exotic hot sauces, dried truffle oil dip mixes and indeed various types of DRUM ROLL PLEASE…yep they aren’t leaving it out: SAGE.

Sprouts, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, & The Fresh Market all worth visiting if anything just for the bizarre arrayed goodness!!

Wicca Shops

Spite being specialist stores carrying only pagan ritual tools (crystals, incense, candles etc.), wicca shops hold a great range of inventory when comes to smudging. Plus employees who work such jobs are sure to be well-informed on which specific herbs will best perform based on what each individual customers requirements/

Visit aforementioned yelp tool or my personal favorite www.witchvox.com!:)


So there you have it folks! Wherever your spiritual journey may take you we hope that our guide has helped assist where to physically procure some sage no matter preference towards chemically treated or organic infused bush/prairie grass herb known. We recommend using this newfound knowledge for better vibrations in one’s aura/spaces which won’t hurt anyone/animal + wonderful fulfillment from smiling like an idiot having found yourself bathing in ultimately overpriced garden plants that smell good too!!!

Now let’s wrap up by lighting up some sage with a huge smile plastered across our faces and enjoy life.

Because at the end of the day, laughter is truly the best medicine.cliches always right?

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