Where do i get hgh injections?

You’re on a mission, and that mission is getting your hands on some human growth hormone (HGH) injections. Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge or just hoping to sprout another inch or two, we’ve got the lowdown on where to find these elusive vials.

But first, let’s chat about what HGH actually does so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

What is HGH, Anyway?

Okay hotshot, before we dive into how to get your mitts on this stuff, let’s talk a bit about what it even is. Human growth hormone is important for more than just making kids taller – in adults it helps with things like regulating body fat and building muscle mass.

  • It’s produced by the pituitary gland
  • Levels naturally decrease as you age
  • High amounts can lead to acromegaly (aka Andre The Giant disease)

So now that you know what it does, here are some reasons people might want access to synthetic versions:

  1. Muscle wasting due to illness or injury
  2. Short stature
  3. Athletic performance enhancement
  4. General anti-aging purposes

Whether any of these apply to YOU is something only YOU and your doctor can answer (seriously folks).

Where To Find HGH

So, assuming you’ve talked with a medical professional and decided that injecting yourself with hormones isn’t going against all common sense/laws/ethics…now what? Here are four places where many turn for their fix:

1) Underground Labs

Yeah yeah yeah “Warning Will Robinson” disclaimer incoming: buying from underground labs poses huge risks! There could be contamination/safety/testing concerns/etc etc etc…

But look at us giving dry warnings when really we should shout from the rooftops: THIS IS BAD IDEA BECAUSE YOU COULD VERY WELL END UP IN A BODY BAG.

2) Internet options

As the person likely googling “buy HGH injections online,” you’re probably already aware that internet shopping can be a bit…sketchy.

There are international pharmacies all over the web, but we don’t need to get into more than this: regardless of where its coming from, without an Rx you’re looking at breaking various laws AND trusting some stranger with your health.

Hey, maybe they’ll even throw in a free goat with your order! But probably not because honestly who does that?

3) Doctor Prescriptions

Ahhh yes the boring answer…let’s leave it up to our good ol’ friend Dr. So-and-so to prescribe us what we need like he/she knows better (they usually do).


  • You know exactly what you’re getting
  • It’s legal!


  • This is very hard to obtain for non-medical reasons.
  • Paying cash could get pretty costly.

Best practices?: Check w/ your insurance company – they may reimburse if medically necessary OR have deals worked out with certain compounding pharmacies so price-wise it won’t make you cry every time another dose rolls around.

4) Compounding Pharmacies

Ahem allow us once again to brag later about a section that comes AFTER research and one-liners about hormones…..but basically these are specialty pharmacies licensed and regulated by their state board of pharmacy(compounded drugs usually implies custom-made prescription medications).

BUT how does this work as per Human Growth Hormone?

Your healthcare provider will send in the script specifying “Somatropin” which is then made-to-order by making capsules or vials(w/lifestyle changes; naturally stimulates Pituitary Gland).

Bottom Line

Look folks there’s no easy way to say this: accessing HGH for non-medical reasons can be complicated and costly. Some people swear by it, while others believe the risks outweigh the benefits.

Either way, DO seek professional medical advice before starting any type of hormone therapy. And if you do decide to go down that road – stay safe my friends!

Now go out there and grow some bigger ears or whatever other body part you feel like enhancing- we’ll be here quietly judging/living vicariously through your gains!

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