Where do i apply for medicare near me?

Are you ready to take a dive into the world of Medicare? Good news, because applying for Medicare has never been easier! In this article, we’ll show you how and where to apply for Medicare near you (no need to freak out about not knowing anything). We’ll answer everything from “What is Medicare?” down to “How do I enroll in Part D coverage?” So sit back, grab your glasses and let’s get started!

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a shiny government-funded health insurance program that was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson as an initiative of his Great Society social programs aimed at ending poverty and racial injustice (impressive huh?). Simply put, it provides coverage to eligible individuals who are either aged 65 or older or those under 65 years with certain disabilities.

There are four main parts:
– Part A – hospital insurance
– Part B – medical insurance
– Part C – oftentimes called ‘Medicare Advantage’ plans
– Part D – prescription drug plan

Now that we know what each part covers, let’s explore how we can apply.

How Can You Apply For Medicare ?

Applying for original (or Traditional) Medicare shouldn’t be too much of a headache as long as you’re prepared with all the necessary documents beforehand. There are three methods through which you may enroll:

Online Enrollment

This method lets you enroll online on your own time without having to wait too long on hold like most listeners when calling their ex during late hours (you know).
Here’s what will come in handy before enrolling online:
1. Your Social Security Number (SSN)
2. Date of Birth
3. Employment Information if retired

To complete the application process online:
1. Visit www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare
2. Read the introductions and click “Apply for Medicare” button.
3. Answer all questions to finish up your enrollment.

Phone Enrollment

Don’t have access to a computer or internet? Give them a call instead! A customer service representative will help walk you through the application process, step by step.

To enroll by phone:
1. Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).
2. At prompt, say “enrollment.”
3. Follow automated prompts until ready to speak with representative.
4. Provide all necessary information as requested.

In-Person Enrollment

Some may prefer meeting in person – this option is perfect for those who want face-to-face interaction with someone trained in helping people like you (hello there other human beings!)
You can apply at your Social Security office or simply find a social security office nearest to you here.
Keep in mind that opening hours fluctuate depending on the location so check ahead before showing up!

When Can You Apply For Medicare?

In general, an individual becomes eligible when they turn 65 years of age if they have worked long enough under FICA taxes plus younger beneficiaries also qualify after two years of receiving disability benefits from Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (yes, eventually our obsession for trains has paid off!)

Three months prior till three months after an individual’s birthday constitutes (Initial Enrollment Period) IEP,important stuff coming up!, It’s said that during this period individuals are likely paying their lowest monthly premiums.One particular shortfall some may think about is Opting out of Part B Coverage which one could do only under specific circumstances such as having group insurance coverage due work etc.. Could be different rules for different regions though!!

Do you have to pay anything?

Yes, unfortunately office snacks aren’t always free!
Part A (Hospital Insurance) will be premium-free for most of the people.
Part B (Medical insurance) has a monthly premium however it is dependent on income which again varies from region to region.

Here are some specifics:

  • Most people pay $148.50 per month in 2021($170 in 2019),[ouch].
  • However there’s an extra cost that individuals may have to cover, called Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount or IRMAA..
    Guess what , You could also receive help paying your premiums depending on your situation!
    Fair enough right?!

When Does Coverage Begin?

Coverage dates vary as they depend on the specific enrollment period and action taken by beneficiary.

If applying during Initial Enrollment Period(IEP),enrollment timing depends upon birthday.The enrollment months being:

Birthdays between…
– January – March Enroll: January 1 – March 31 Effective Date: April
– April – June Enroll: April 1 – June30 Effective Date: July
– July – September Enroll: July1 – Sep30 Effective date : Oct
-Oct – December EnrollOct 1 – Dec7Effective date(Jan, next year)

Applying after IEP…
Those who wait until General Enrollment Period(GEP )returns can enroll anytime even though their coverage might take effect later.If missed these deadlines one might require attaining eligibility first!

Take Qualification into Account

We all think we’re entitled sometimes but here’s something that definitely requires qualification ! Not everyone qualifies for Medicare — oops..

Who’s Eligible?

To qualify ,you must either be :
a US citizen
or legal resident living stateside for the past five years (green card holders included).

When ?..
At 65, Or when receiving disability benefits

Additional Information Regarding Enrollment

After Enrolling

  • Further instructions will follow from Medicare which gives specific approval for various coverages and options.
  • It’s generally recommended to keep a note of proofs, record keeping of what you have received in response to your enrollment.


Look at this! Hopefully we’ve provided all the necessary information required (yes it was lot) about where and how to apply for medicare near you (it’s time to take baby steps!). Don’t forget that there are numerous centers nearby waiting eagerly in order they can guide you through the process effortlessly…sweet right? So go ahead & make 2021 the year to get covered under healthcare insurances with ease whilst also remaining under budget!!

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