Where can i get bag balm?

Are you in pain? Do your dry skin and chapped lips lead to excruciating discomfort? Well, fear not! Because the answer lies in one simple product — Bag Balm.

However, finding this savior might require a bit of detective work. So buckle up mateys, we’re going on an adventure!

The Quest Begins

First things first — what is Bag Balm anyway?

For those unfamiliar with it, Bag Balm is an all-purpose ointment that can soothe and heal almost any ailment. Created for use on cows’ udders (yes, you read that right), farmers quickly realized its benefits extended beyond their livestock – they started applying it to their own cuts and bruises as well.

With four key ingredients- petrolatum,
8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate
paraffin wax

it’s easy to see why such a basic cream has become a household staple for many people because of its powerful moisturizing properties.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

If you’re looking to pick up some bag balm without much fuss,and want physical interaction huh? the best place to check would be brick-and-mortar stores like Tractor Supply Co., Walmart or Walgreens. These places often carry bag balm as part of their inventory since they know how useful the stuff can be.

Place Address Phone Number
Tractor Supply Co. 550 E Admiral Doyle Dr Suite M New Iberia LA 70560 United States +13376633088
Walmart Supercenter 1616 St Mary St Thibodaux LA 70301 United States +19858575909
Walgreens Pharmacy 530 Canal Street New OrleansLA 70130-2307US +15046312813

While searching through these stores, keep in mind that bag balm has several variations; the original green tin can and a red tinted one meant for pets. Assess your options before purchase so you don’t buy something you’re not about.

Online Shopping

If leaving the house seems like too much effort(sluggish being), then online shopping might just be perfect for you. Shopping online provides a quick and simple way to get bag balm delivered straight to your door.

There are multiple options when one is looking up places to buy Bag Balm, some of which include;


Amazon carries all types of Bag Balm products from standard sizes to large tins! I mean who doesn’t love prime delivery especially when it comes down to getting pain relief? You could check out their website or app by searching “bag balm”


Walmart, as expected also makes buying online easy peasy with prices ranging from $10-15 per size on their web-store gosh i’m feeling lazy already


Here’s another option if we haven’t put enough yet. walgreens website prides themselves in stocking many bag balm items.
with various shipping speeds available

Now if these mainstream sites aren’t your speed there are certain offbeat retailers as well that offer this product such as eBay or Etsy.

So have at it avid shoppers!

Final Thoughts

In summary mambo jambo (just kidding!), acquiring Bag Balm can turn into quite an adventure but hopefully our tips will make things easier for everyone involved! With the numerous available shops listed above, purchasing this wonder ointment should be less daunting than what most people believe.

Whether offline or through means of technology(drops Mic) – there isn’t anything stopping YOU from attaining Bag Balm right now…so go ahead: take care of those chap lips buddy 🙂

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