Where can i get apricot seeds?

Apricot seeds are a wonderful addition to anyone’s diet, as they contain plenty of healthy fats and essential nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally. But where can you actually get these little gems? Fear not my dear friend, for we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best places to obtain apricot seeds!

Health Food Stores

One would think that health food stores would be an obvious choice when it comes to finding apricot seeds, but alas, this is not always the case. Some establishments tend to shy away from stocking them due to regulatory concerns or lack of consumer demand.

However, if you’re lucky enough to find one of those health food stores that does carry apricot seeds,you’ll find yourself in seed heaven!

What You Need To Know

It’s important to note here that many health food retailers only stock organic variations of apricots – so make sure you ask specifically for what you need.

Additionally some staff members may not know what want by “apricot seeds”. So kindly explain about your needs.


Here are several well-known national chain stores where fresh or packaged versions might be available:

  1. Whole Foods
  2. Organic Fields Market
    3.Healthy Buddha Store
    4.Nature’s Flavors

Online Retailers

As with most things these days, sometimes Amazon has everything (and more!). This online retailer is often the go-to place if brick-and-mortar shops don’t work out.

And good news: there are seemingly hundreds (if not thousands)of sellers like Yupik who offer two different types ones either raw and unsalted both sold commonly in bulk sizes —we’re talking up into lbs per pack.

Other big-time online marketplaces like eBay also offers tons selection where people post their own home growthed stocks with various packaging types individually wrapped resealed bags.

What You Need To Know

It’s important to do research and read reviews of a seller before purchasing, especially when it comes to food products. It’s also wise researching the shipping cost as some sellers might offer high initial prices only for you to find yourself in blockage of overpriced shipping costs at checkout.

Be sure that there are no safety concerns with ordering seeds online in your area.


Here are several popular sources for apricot seeds through reputable website:

  1. Amazon

Specialty health stores

Some specialty stores focus solely on alternative medicine or raw fruits and vegetables — a veritable haven if you’re looking for healthy gourmet goodies like organic nuts, naturally-processed trail mixes or interesting teas.Where better could one search?

Apricot seed fall under this umbrella—so keeping tabs these places tells wonders when searching both online gathered sources and merchant reputation.An extra bonus: expert staff members who often carry extensive knowledge about nutrition behind the products they sell.

What You Need To Know

Keep an eye out on these types of shops especially locally owned retailers from which stocking new items happen more frequently everyday than bigger fresh markets hence helpful during uncertain season times like summer (when apricots come into bloom) or off-seasons where supplies can be limited due supply chain constraints.


Here few examples include:

1.el ayurveda organics
2.Kroger Heath Food Store

Note that depending on locale, other local outlets such mom-n-pop grocers may contain over-the-counter wellness aisles worth checking incase you run out.

Farmers’ Markets

Mother nature + seasons must always collaborate in order to bring us untouched ancient harvests straight from small ,or sometimes family own farms.The good news is farmers’ market eliminates middle men between buyer-and-seller providing regionally grown agriculture exactly under our noses!

What You Need To Know

Here and there, farmers will have both fresh organic/lucky-if-they’re-yet-unripe apricots sold in baskets, which tend to be plastered along the edges.so take a stroll literally partake in discovering hand-picked products cultivated from traditional ways of farming: less mech involved,the better.


Summing up:

  1. Research local farmers’ markets ahead of time.
  2. Go early for access to freshest harvests possible.
  3. If weather allows,taking your furry children or loved one with you would heighten joy by threefolds!


A few well-known Farmers’ market that might have exactly what you need:

1.Santa Monica Famers Market
2.Seattle Farmers Market
3.Chicago Green City Market


There we go!Whether its online,drenched into locally sourced freshness,selling or vending real-time.Finding how stocking up on Apricot seeds is a piece of cake,literally.They’re versatile can add flavor texture & nutrients your daily routine strives for.After all health shouldn’t ever accumulate to boredom.Enjoy variety ultimately easily obtained when it comes such goods overall.Onward then,to the hunt!

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