Where can i buy milk thistle?

is another one of those awesome supplements that you can buy down in your local pharmacy or grocery store. The quantities and name brands are going to vary and the prices might cover a broad range, but you should have no trouble finding it in the same isle as the vitamins.

Which milk thistle is best? Thus, experts suggest high dosages of silybin phytosome for the greatest milk thistle benefit. Since UltraThistleĀ® provides a high dosage (360 mg) of the most potent, absorbable form of milk thistle (silybin phytosome), it is considered to be the best milk thistle supplement available today.

What are the side effects of milk thistle? Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction while taking milk thistle: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Common side effects may include: indigestion, bloating, gas, stomach pain; nausea, loss of appetite.

What is milk thistle benefits? Likes Comments. The most important health benefits of milk thistle include its ability to detoxify the liver, speed organ repair, slow the progression of certain kinds of cancer, treat fungal infections, and cure hangovers.

What are the risks of taking milk thistle long term?

What are the risks of taking milk thistle long term? Those allergic to the plant: Milk thistle may cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to the Asteraceae / Compositae family of plants. People with diabetes: The blood sugar-lowering effects of milk thistle may put people with diabetes at risk of low blood sugar .

Does milk thistle actually do anything? Milk thistle is sometimes used as a natural treatment for liver problems. These liver problems include cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders. Some claim milk thistle may also: Provide heart benefits by lowering cholesterol levels.

Does milk thistle help the kidneys? In addition to helping the liver and kidneys, milk thistle has a number of other benefits to the body, including: Some studies are suggesting that milk thistle may be beneficial in protecting the kidneys from chemotherapy damage in cancer patients.

Can I take milk thistle with other vitamins? Yes.: Milk thistle, standardized to contain 70-80% silymarin, one of the most potent liver-protective and restorative substances known, can be used with other vitamins.