Where can i buy lactulose?

Are you constipated and desperately searching for lactulose? Well, have no fear my friend because I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll cover everything from what lactulose is to where you can find it. So sit back, relax (if that’s even possible when you’re constipated) and let’s dive into the wonderful world of lactulose.

What is Lactulose?

Before we get into where to buy lactulose, let’s first talk about what it actually is. Lactulose is a synthetic sugar made from two natural sugars – fructose and galactose. It works by drawing water into your bowel which softens your poo and helps it pass more easily. Basically, if your bowels are like a dried out riverbed in the Sahara desert, then lactulose is like a rainstorm – it brings moisture back into the picture so things start flowing again.

So why not just drink lots of water instead of taking laxatives like lactulose? Well my dear reader there are times when even drinking all the water in Lake Michigan won’t do the trick – trust me on this one.

Where Can You Buy Lactulose?

Now comes the million-dollar question: “Where can I buy me some sweet sweet lactu-jelly?” Here are some options:

1. Pharmacies

If you want guaranteed quality medication with pharmacists who will guide you through every step of ingesting poop softener then head straight over to your nearest pharmacy! They typically carry several brands/compositions/modes-of-delivery/origins-of-manufacture/of-laxative products including our beloved friend lactul-bee syrup/jelly/powder-sticks (not recommended as candy substitutes) along with other effective colon cleansers you may have never even heard of!

Pro-tip: Make sure you ask the pharmacist for advice on how to take your lactulose, as the dosage will vary depending on several factors including weight and frequency/severity of constipation.

2. Health food stores

If you’re someone who likes natural remedies, then health food stores might be your go-to option. While they might not carry traditional laxatives like lactulose supplies they do stock herbal supplements that can work wonders for some people.

Pro-tip: Before going down the herbal supplement route make sure to check with a healthcare provider (or at least read materials from qualified sources online). Some herbs can interact with other medications or cause adverse reactions if not taken properly (aka don’t just go into a store asking for “the poo pill”).

3. Online retailers

These days it seems like anything can be purchased online – even medical supplies. By doing simple googling/searching on reliable sites such as Amazon/ Wal-mart / CVS.com etc., one can easily order their desired product -lactu-goodness-laxative- straight to their doorstep while in sweatpants (we’ve all been there).

Pro-Tip: Be wary of purchasing medication from unlicensed/unreliable websites/online marketplaces/craigslist ads because counterfeit medication is always a possibility, oh also double check when (’cause falling prey to scammers isn’t fun either).

Final Thoughts

Lactulose is by far one of the most effective colon cleanser available, no doubt about it; but let’s remind ourselves again that common sense should prevail over everything else and if our bowel movements become too abnormaly frequent or unusual bowels cramping persists after taking these kinds of measures…it’s time to seek an expert opinion or head over to ER!

Happy pooping everyone!