Where can i buy cetirizine?

Cetirizine is an allergy medication that you can buy over the counter (OTC) at a pharmacy. That is, you don’t need a prescription. Cetirizine comes in capsules and tablets. You typically take it just once per day, and it begins to work quickly.

Can you take Zyrtec everyday? Zyrtec 2.5 mg once every daily. For children 12 months and older, they can potentially be given 2.5mg twice daily. Overall, Zyrtec is most often often dosed once daily, especially in adults.

Is Zyrtec safe for elderly? Answer. Hi A. Clark, Zyrtec is well tolerated by most children and adults. In clinical trials 14 percent of adults have side effects of drowsiness and fatigue. People over 65 years of age did not have an increase in side effects according to clinical trials in the package insert. If kidney function is abnormal the dose needs to be lowered.

What is cetirizine hydrochloride? What is cetirizine. Cetirizine or cetirizine hydrochloride (cetirizine HCL) is a non-drowsy antihistamine medicine that relieves the symptoms of allergies by blocking the effects of the chemical histamine in your body.

Can I take more than one Zyrtec a day?

Can I take more than one Zyrtec a day? The normal adult dose is 5mg to 10mg taken at the same time each day. I cannot recommend taking more than the recommended dosage. Studies show that the 1/2 life of Zyrtec (half of the medication still in the body and not eliminated) is around 8 hours. See Full Answer.

When is the best time to take Zyrtec? Some people may find that they only require half the recommended daily dose for relief. Zyrtec can be taken at any time of the day and may work a little faster if not taken with food. If Zyrtec makes you feel drowsy then you are best to take it before going to bed at night or you can reduce the dosage by half.

Is it okay to take 2 Zyrtec in a 24-hour period? Adults and children 12 years and over should take 1 tablet of Zyrtec-D every 12 hours and not more than 2 tablets over a 24-hour period. The effects of Zyrtec-D use on an unborn baby are not known. However, the active ingredients can pass into breast milk.

How much Zyrtec to take daily? The recommended Zyrtec dosage for most adults and children age six and over is Zyrtec 10 mg once daily. For mild symptoms, 5 mg once daily may be sufficient.