Where can i buy cassia bark?

Are you tired of scouring the internet for cassia bark? Look no further, my friend. This article is your one-stop-shop for all things cassia bark-related. We’ll cover where to buy it, what it is, and even give you a few recipe ideas.

What is Cassia Bark?

Before we dive into where to buy cassia bark, let’s go over what exactly it is. Cassia (cinnamomum aromaticum) is a type of cinnamon that comes from the bark of an evergreen tree native to China and Southeast Asia. It has a similar taste to traditional cinnamon but with a stronger and sweeter flavor. Cassia bark can be used in both sweet and savory dishes such as curries or mulled wine.

Why Is It So Hard To Find?

Unfortunately, finding high-quality cassia bark can be challenging since there are many lower quality substitutes on the market such as Saigon cinnamon or Chinese cinnamon powder which can easily deceive customers who may not know any better. Authenticity concerns often make consumers hesitant when purchasing spices like these either online or at their local grocery store.

Where Can You Buy The Best Quality Cassia Bark?

Fear not because there are reputable vendors selling authentic cassia barks! Here are some great options:

1. Penzeys Spices

Penzeys Spices offer several spice blends that include whole pieces of ground cinnamon sticks including varieties like Vietnamese Cinnamon & Korintje Cinnamon who they recommend using in place of sweet varieties like Rock sugar; Perfect Photo by: James Ransom

They also carry individual casica barks in various sizes so you could customize your needs according ro your preference- usually upo to 8 ounces worth.

Their products come highly recommended as they directly go through organic farm collectives ensuring original single-origin quality flavour while providing strict quality control to ensure product purity and freshness.

2. The Spice House

The Spice House offers a variety of cassia bark options, including whole sticks from Indonesia and ground cassia cinnamon from China. They also have the option to buy in bulk, which is excellent for those who use it frequently or want to stock up.

You can always guarantee authenticity when purchasing at the Spice house as they source their spices straight from farmers and post their picture on each jar along with country-of-Origin story – this makes your purchase really transparent while maintaining highest quality possible.

Bonus Places To Buy Cassia Bark!

Nowadays direct access through supermarkets aren’t limited anymore! Many smaller businesses that are great referrals are shared below;

  1. Local Asian Markets
    These markets often have a vast selection of hard-to-find spices, including traditional cassia bark.

  2. Online spice stores- iSpice
    These online shops often specialize in high-quality spices, meaning you’ll be getting the real deal more reliably

  3. Native marketplaces
    If you’re traveling abroad or just arrange import from legal places e.g chinese food wholesale then weighing scales show authentic products that will come straight from farms/rich forestry areas prioritizing organic farming methods holistically

How Should You Store Your Cassia Bark?

When storing your cassia bark bought carefully such as airtight containers so as not to lose its potency over time (uncooked ones last longer than pre-ground) store them properly away ungrouped even if previously grinded so It doesn’t get lost within other ingredients smell/shelf-life length; putting labels help personalize placing.. That being said, freshly-prepared alternatives ought not been close proximity due to vigorous pungent flavour would intermingle unto any neighboring products taking up some flavor strength making it unsavoury!

What Can You Make With Cassia Bark?

Cassie barks make up a fundamental part of different dishes that are loved around the world! There is an infinite amount of things one can make with cassia barks but here are some ideas to get you started;

1. Cassia Bark Chai Tea

Chai tea has always been popular, and even more so now as it became westernized – everyone’s all-time winter favorite due to its comforting nutmeg aroma with bold hints while remaining behind tasty notes from real cassia bark sticks thrown in.

2. Mulled Wine or Cider

Winter season calls for hot drinks like these. Infuse red wine or apple cider with raisins, sugar, and whole spices such as cardamom pods along fresh non ground cinnamon over low heat for few minutes until reaching desired warmth making sure immense flavours ooze into heating up liquid leaving you happy tummy

3. Traditional Chinese Five-Spice Powder

Add traditional Szechuan peppercorns spice blend: pepper tree seeds; star anise; fennel options than clove buds in which cassia would complement better centered adding sweet touch too!

Final Thoughts on Where To Buy Cassia Bark?

Cassie barks being one flavorsome ingredient is coming back mainstream as people exploring ethnic variety Instead of artificial products! Thankfully buying online ourselves saves hassle time running down shops given many prefer establishments like Penzey Spices whose commitment to transparency makes them prominent among vouchable sellers ensuring top-quality taste asian cousine expert at every dish they take on❤️ What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below

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