Where can i buy calpol?

Calpol is a lifesaver for any parent with young children. It’s designed to reduce fever and alleviate pain in children from the age of two months onwards. However, whether you are new parents or considering buying some extra bottles of your favorite over-the-counter medicine, finding it isn’t always straight forward.
Here is where to look when you need to buy Calpol.

Mainstream Shops

Most supermarkets stock calpol in the baby aisle near nappies and baby wipes. Asda’s own brand version of calpol can cost as little as 40 pence which can be a cheaper option if you’re on a tight budget. Also most high-street pharmacy shops like boots also sell calpol, making it easy to pop into town during lunchtime hours.


For those who prefer shopping online there is Amazon (other retailers apply)which stocks an array of branded versions for customers ease of purchase without leaving their home-based comfort zone
Although prices may rise slightly when purchasing online through companies like Amazon although other authentic retailer websites offer pocket-friendly prices too! There are even same-day delivery options available around many parts including Birmingham areas so that provides convenience at its finest.

Special Needs Childcare Centers

Forty percent (40%) percents said they used childcare services regularly: these tend to have child dose liquid medicines among including calpl within their medical kit/station meaning medication will often be included each time here are few recommendations we were able find:

  • Playdays nursery / playgroup – Winson Green Road Aston
  • Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Northfield

Preschools inside primary schools also provide this service so make sure to check if yours has them in stock!

Breaking down preferences depending on what time works best or how quickly someone want’s “the goods”, there should always be enough choices made readily available based on what is in accordance with what’s best!

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