Where can i buy african mango fruit?

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Where can you find African mangoes in Africa? African Mango is a tropical fruit that has a very bright color and a very special peculiar flavor… this fruit can only be found in the rainforest of Cameroon’s West Coastal Region of Africa. This particular mango produces a specific type of seed that the Cameroon Natives call “Dikka nuts.”

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How much weight can you lose with African mango? Click Image to Enlarge: New clinical research shows women and men who supplemented with 2 capsules of African Mango 30 minutes before meals lost an average of 8.9 pounds and 2 full inches of belly fat within just 28 days. As Featured on ABC National Radio Australia! Click Play to Listen.

How manymg of African mango seed per serving? It is basically the extract of the African Mango seed AKA Irvingia Gabonesis or in his scientific term: IGOB131. It is very important to make sure that any supplement that you buy contains a minimum of 125mg to 150mg of Irvingia Gabonesis per serving.

What are the side effects of African mango extract?

What are the side effects of African mango extract? Fortunately, the side effects associated with African mango supplements are minor, and some adverse effects are gas, bloating, insomnia, headache and dry mouth. Despite the potential side effects, the benefits of using these supplements far outweighs the negative effects.

What are the benefits of African mango seed extract? Science Says. Researchers exploring the purported benefits of African mango have seen some promising results. A study appearing in the March 2009 issue of “Lipids in Health and Disease” concluded that an extract of African mango seeds helped participants lose weight, improve cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar levels.

What is African mango diet? In a nutshell, the famous African Mango Diet is based on the consumption of a weight loss supplement created from the extract of a tropical mango fruit seed… This diet has become very popular in the last couple of years after the endorsements by many Celebrities, Health TV Shows,…

What is African mango plus? African Mango Plus is made using the seeds of the mango fruit that can only be found growing in the Cameroon regions in Africa.