Where can i ask medical questions?

Have you ever had a medical concern and immediately turned to Google, only to be bombarded with conflicting answers that leave you more confused than before? Or maybe you’ve asked your friends or family for advice, but they’re not medical professionals and their solutions range from absurd to downright dangerous. Well, fear not my friend, because there are resources available specifically designed for individuals seeking accurate and reliable medical information. In this article, we’ll explore the various avenues available for asking your burning medical questions.

Search Engines: Your First Stop – But Use Them Wisely

Let’s face it; when anyone has a question these days, Google is usually the first place they turn to seek answers. While search engines like Google can provide useful results on health topics ranging from “How do I treat my sunburn?” to “What exactly is trichotillomania?”, it’s important to exercise caution when relying solely on what appears in search results.

The internet contains an overwhelming amount of information about health-related topics – some helpful while others offer poor advice or even false data. Always cross-check sources where possible by reading through multiple articles and sites so as not to rely wholly on one unreliable source.

Popular Q&A Websites: Yahoo Answers & Reddit

Another popular avenue for asking general health questions online is via Q&A websites such as Yahoo! Answers or Reddit forums dedicated explicitly toward answering any kind of inquiry related to medicine.

Yahoo! Answers:

Yahoo! Answers boasts an extensive catalog of previously answered questions relating directly or indirectly towards healthcare queries posted by people worldwide. The site takes pride in having a personalized approach towards each user’s needs since every user posts under anonymity made facilitated better privacy.

Reddit Forums

Reddit is renowned globally as a smart community enriched with several segments concerning different categories that tailor peoples’ interests personally including subreddit-specific pages catering just around health endeavours.


With more than 68 thousand members and counting, r/AskDocs forum solely focuses on consultation for individuals having a medical concern but holds no access to Physicians or other health experts.


Similar to the AskDocs Reddit community, Medical Advice subreddit comprises people seeking ways of solving medical problems without holding any physician contact or validation.

It’s important to note that these sources do not necessarily have answers provided by certified professionals. Always ensure you seek professional healthcare assistance before relying on an answer obtained from one of these Q&A websites

When To Consult A Physician Before Online Sources?

While resources like search engines and forums can be helpful in some instances, it is crucial always to monitor your symptoms, seek help from your primary Healthcare provider whenever uncertain – as nothing can replace visiting or speaking with your doctor.

Telemedicine Platforms

Telemedical platforms are fast-growing digital services that offer medically proficient advice virtually regarding general health issues via intuitive AI-run boards or appointment-based online meetings.

Unlike traditional hospital visits where patients need travelling time along with hours spent waiting rooms; tele-medicinal practices bring quick and affordable virtual consultations providing just what you may require. Some options include Teladoc Health Inc., Doctor On Demand, MDLive among several others globally providing premium support resolutions

Apart from the above-mentioned portals/platforms; here are some significant additional directions I would suggest putting into consideration

Apple Siri & Amazon Alexa Integration:

Let smart tech operate these questions: Found through Apple’s iPhone Siri voice programmes likewise dedicated Amazon products powered by developing Alexa cloud computing offers achievable recommendations applying verbal input utilizing specific keywords after calibrating systems associated AI features.

Social Media Pages That Offer Virtual Support Options:

Since social media networks thrive daily worldwide—some healthcare organizations been keen on leveraging this massive outlet becoming more interactive recently; making available direct messaging to aid query support or occasionally even video chats reducing concerns, questions & providing personalized feedback.

Mainstream media outlets:

While traditional platforms like Television shows, health focused podcasts and radio talk-shows can provide a wealth of information about the body and healthy living; their discussions might not usually cover specific medical conditions properly. However, these outlets remain an excellent direction toward exploring general wellness advice which contributes mostly towards a positive lifestyle experience.

Medical Recognized Organizations Websites

Several cases feature many sites specifically established through healthcare organizations worldwide describing different diseases/trauma symptoms along with best ways of how someone could identify early/later on amid managing them wholly.

Websites Context
American Academy of Family Physicians Nation-wide organization for doctors specializing in family medicine
A.D.A.M. Detailed database for various healthcare sectors
Mayo Clinic Large nonprofit that specializes in medical stories

In conclusion, answering medical questions should be done utilizing caution and expertise from certified sources whenever necessary to avoid being misled by incorrect assumptions seeking help online. We have explored several beneficial resources with this article – but always remember nothing compares better than reaching out to your local doctor when you suspect anything is wrong =).

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