Where are the discs in your back located?

Spinal discs are located in between each of the vertebral bodies along the back bone and may also be referred to as an intervertebral disc, spinal disc, or disk. Each disc is named according to which two vertebral bodies it lies between.

What is treatment for compressed back disc? Here are some of the possible treatments for compressed disc: Certain anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers may be given to the patient. These will minimize the pain as well as keep the affected area from swelling. In many mild cases, this will actually help directly cure the problem. Physical therapy.

What are the symptoms of disc problems? Symptoms of spinal disc problems. Common symptoms of disc pain include back pain and nerve pain. The location and intensity of the back pain will depend on which disc is affected, and the resulting physical changes.

What causes disc pain? Injury or weakness can cause the inner portion of the disc to protrude through the outer ring. This is known as a slipped, herniated, or prolapsed disc. This causes pain and discomfort. If the slipped disc compresses one of your spinal nerves, you may also experience numbness and pain along the affected nerve.

Is a disc bulge the possible source of back pain? A finding of a bulging disc is difficult to interpret in isolation. For the most part, bulging discs are very normal findings, even in young, active patients, and they are rarely thought to be a source of back pain . If anything, a significant disc bulge would be expected to cause leg pain as a result of irritation to the nerves going down the legs. Jun 20 2019

What is the best remedy for a slipped disc?

What is the best remedy for a slipped disc? 12 Effective Home Remedies for Herniated Disc or Slipped Disc Walking for Herniated Disc. Walking is best solution for herniated disc or slip disc. Heat and Cold Compress for Herniated Disc. Heat and cold compress is the another good solution to get rid of herniated disc or slip disc. Rest for Herniated Disc. Cayenne Pepper for Herniated Disc. Relax Muscles for Herniated Disc.

What is treatment for compressed disk? Individual who experience this pain often try to change positions every now and then to reduce the pain. Treatment for compressed disc may include non-surgical form of treatment like taking of over the counter pain relievers along with bed rest for one to two days.

What is a slipped disk in the back? Slip disc in back is a condition where there is a rupture or split in one of these discs and its gel like content comes out of it. When a section of the degenerated disc starts exerting pressure on the nearby nerves in the spinal cord, then it gives rise to painful symptoms. It is also termed as herniated disc or prolapsed disk.