When you feel nauseous what should you do?

Nausea is a disgusting feeling that everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you want to curl up and lie down because it simply sucks! So, if you’re currently reading this article while dealing with nausea, don’t worry – we’ve got your back( or front?).

The causes of nausea can be numerous so, depending on why are you feeling sick, there might be different ways to alleviate the symptoms. In this comprehensive guide(to put it lightly), we will explore various home remedies and tips for handling nausea so that next time when you find yourself between an imaginary devil and equally imaginary super mass black hole where each one leads to more pain than last; our guide may pave a path for relief!

First Things First: Identify What Is Causing Your Nausea.

Before trying any remedy or treatment plan(amongst countless) blindly, identify the reason behind such a pitiful condition first.

Do You Have Stomach Flu?

A common cause of stomach discomfort is the flu! Yup…sounds scary right off the bat (like most things in life). The stomach flu caused by All kinds of fun little viruses out there that could infect your intestines wreak havoc resulting in vomiting(if lucky enough), diarrhea(with lady luck leaving town) , chills(black Friday just happened all around), fatigue(soul thus stuck mid dual till energy bubble pump dries out). If these sound familiar as well as not desired then congratulations-you have caught stomach flu probably from exposure whether from others coughing or sneezing without proper hand hygiene(basic netiquette folks!). To get over this nasty virus…

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

It’s essential/effective(double whammy!) to stay hydrated during illness like aforementioned infections(even non-emergency ones need ample water reserves), so drink plenty of water, soup(anykind as long taste buds are happy recipients), or non-caffeinated drinks like herbal tea(wellness fusion at its finest). Additionally replace lost fluids and electrolytes via hydration solutions produced widely.

Stick To A BRAT Diet

The classic “BRAT” diet stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. This diet is well accepted by many as it helps you ease back into eating solid foods while easing nausea(Optimally tastes good too/double the win!). All extra ingredients(top crops mentioned) does add to energy reserve which replenishes quickly when the gut’s immune system gets an opportunity(not always a great scenario though,sadly).

Rest up!

Lastly(drumroll please!), rest! Feel free to stay in bed until you feel ready to face your day ahead. Treat yourself with soothing TV shows/movies(if under parental(or any other type of personal) supervision)/books(most definitely yes)/games(Rummy anyone?), etc.(be creative here); whatever makes you feel comfortable can help ease that nauseated feeling(and life becomes easier yet again!).

Are You Pregnant?

This section is specifically for ladies out there – because sorry boys (nope do not attempt pregnancy right now!) MEN CAN’T GET PREGNANT!

Now that gender related aspect cleared ( thank God), if currently pregnant and finding oneself constantly fighting adversity in form of nausea then we sympathize with both mother-to-be(Tough times!) & fetus(what did i sign up for?). To relieve such misery …

Keep Taking In Small Meals

Morning sickness(dreary part but abundant existance during early stages ;help us humans value mothers more each second) can induce constant vomiting; hence doctor-approved medication combined with small meals throughout the day may be recommended(gotta keep living after all,little snacks pumps the engine!).

Ginger Up!

Ginger is an herbal root that has been long known for its ability to combat nausea(kind of a food superhero, right?). Adding ginger into any pregnancy-safe form(fresh,brewed tea,portable supplements,etc) helps facilitate the well-being of both baby and mother..plus it might suppress rising puke too!(chilled ginger ale kinda sounds good right about now – also , double win!)

Acupressure Bands

There are special wristbands( acupressure bands) available out there that help prevent constipation as well as reduces the feeling morning sickness(vomit won’t welcome you with door wide open anymore!). If necessary, don’t hesitate to invest in one or two – these wonders may act wellsprings of relief during such vulnerable times.

Are You Suffering From Acid Reflux or GERD?

Acid reflux is a result when acid contents from your stomach flow back up into the esophagus. It feels anything but pleasant (burning sensation anyone?). GERD(stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease sees this often)- A more severe form which can cause damage down your throat via prolonged exposure to acidic materials corroding coexisting parts(maybe check on safety measures here).

### Eat Certain Foods

Eating certain types of foods can prompt instances where risk factors reduce greatly! These include green leafy vegetables(anything unwrapped by mother nature could hold benefits untold), whole grains(mainly unpreserved perferably locally sourced if possible), lean protein(some red meat if tolerable!), and fruits since all work towards stabilizing digestive tract conditions!

### Avoid Triggers

Don’t be shy about avoiding triggers though![/B] Trigger mitigations in this case list acidic beverages(hello orange juice,DON’T TOUCH MY GLASS PLEASE!), choclates(life sans chocolate-how does one even get over that?), fatty foods(boo fast food), alcohol(no drunk stumbles needed to comprehend this) , and stress(exactly who asked for that in first place now?).

### Posture Matters

Ok,no more “depends” jokes allowed here but it’s essential to pay focus onto posture too! A raised head pose can obstruct normal upward flow of stomach contents, so watch your posture while asleep by raising the top of your bed with blocks/individuals know these as “risers”. By doing so, you make sure all upright flows stay as they should(head up is certainly not always a bad thing!)

Do You Have Motion Sickness?

Imagine being on a rollercoaster – The adrenaline rush must be exhilarating(folks loving life’s thrilling ride experiences understand!). But if nausea has caught hold then nothing sounds better than time coming to a screeching halt..crashing back down isn’t fun at all at this moment. In such cases,

Choose Your Seat Wisely

First things: choose wise sitting arrangements when stuck travelling(Duh?)..Sideways-facing seats tend(ed not entirely gone though)/milder commutes (buses,trains,cars generally)-perceived comfort comes quickly hence less chances where motion sickness may appear!

Ginger Comes To Rescue Once Again

Another bit regarding ginger?(Hello again!), yes indeedly do since ginger flavonoids help decrease nervous system actions(of falling sick here,hence lowering general nausea). Plus,single-use available forms(chewable tabs/gum,(drink)mints and capsules are highly favoured thus way easier workaround.

Are Migraines Causing Nausea?

Migraine-related nauseas pack energy draining headaches plus abnormalities caused by migraines(some may experience light/sound sensitivity or visuals which chance faster than traffic lights actually switching compared to the oh-so-slow migraine fog density hike happening).

Reach Out For Compress Bags

Cold compress bags placed over eyes help soothe migraines if used judiciously(need to be timed around hour a go). Apply a small bag of ice cubes or anything cold from freezer onto forehead(nature’s refrigerator(or is it?)- at least for now) .

Drink up On High Energy Fluids

Fluid intake matters yet again here since dehydration not only exasperates migraines but can feed nausea too. Though any non-caffeinated beverage works(using these reduces migraine flare ups in general) drinking fluids like Coconut water, herbal teas, cranberry juice(great recovery drink by the way-hint hint!), etc., helps(hydration goals reached indeed!).

A Final Note!

Nausea is one of those things that nobody likes going through; however, the kind tips(some with ginger – sorry/not sorry!) from this comprehensive guide will help you feel better soon enough(at least attempts were made!).Whether visiting doctors needed or following certain remedies(too many options presented already above so start picking!, choose what suits best for individual happiness and health irrespective here); seek relief genuinely(couldn’t emphasise more)and most importantly don’t panic(‘All good things take time’ happens to be true on several planes).

Now dear reader, we do hope they weren’t 🤢 too nauseating 🤮to bear. Good Luck!

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