When You Care About Someone: 5 Ways to Show Your Love

Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside about someone special in your life? Do you want to show them how much they mean to you, but don’t know where to start? Well buckle up buttercup, because I’ve got five ways for you to show your love that will have them swooning.

First Things First: Listening is Key

Before we jump into the actions that will make your loved one feel cherished, let’s talk about the foundation of any healthy relationship: communication. And I’m not just talking about hearing their words. Active listening is an art form and a requirement if you want your partner/friend/bae/great aunt Agatha (hey no judgement) to feel like they matter.

To show someone that you care, ask open ended questions (no leading ones please), be present when they’re speaking (put down the phone Karen!), and repeat back what they said sometimes so they know you’re really following along. Basic human interaction stuff right here folks.

Say it Loud and Proud with Words of Affirmation

Okay now onto something that may make some of us uncomfortable: expressing our feelings verbally. But trust me words of affirmation are important! Think about it–how many times a day do we take others around us for granted or assume they already know how we feel?

Make an effort every day to tell those close to you why they hold a special place in your heart. Be specific! What traits do admire? What memories stand out? YOU GOT THIS!

Tired Phrases That Won’t Cut It

  • “Love ya”
  • “You’re my rock”
  • “I appreciate everything”

Sentences from the Heart

  • “When I see how hardworking/brave/kind/etc., it inspires me.”
  • “Your laugh always makes my day brighter.”
  • “I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with you.”

Show Some Love (And Your Cooking Skills)

Remember the old adage, ‘the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach’? Yeah that still rings true. It doesn’t have to be fancy or healthy…just heartfelt! Cooking a meal for your loved one is a tangible and delicious way of showing love.

Don’t know how to boil water? Not an issue since we all gotta start somewhere. You can learn together–try out new recipes or order takeout from different places each time, just make sure it has some element of thoughtfulness involved.

Menu Ideas

  • Homemade pizza
  • Crockpot fajitas
  • Brownies (from scratch!)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We’ve talked about telling people we care but sometimes SHOWING them speaks volumes. And no–we’re not talking expensive gifts here folks!

Do things that they wouldn’t expect or maybe things they normally handle on their own without asking like washing dishes, filling up the gas tank in their car if you happened to use it last, taking care of any tasks so they can relax – think outside the box/performing random acts of kindness goes a long way!

Little Tasks That Make A Big Impact

  • Taking dog out without being asked.
  • Running errands while snowed in.
  • Tidying living space when burden overwhelms partner/friend/housemate/mythical creature next door

Be Present: Quality Time Bae-Bee

Time is precious so why waste yours endlessly swiping through social media feeds? Set aside dedicated time where nothing else takes priority except spending it with the ones you cherish most (quality trumps quantity my friends).

Put phones and other distractions away during this designated time – no more photoshoots scrolling through IG stories & funny memes, make the people in front of you the focus.

Quality Time Ideas

  • A creative date night (indoor/outdoor
    depending on weather)
  • Board games or card nights
  • Taking lessons together – cooking, photography etc.

Find Their Love Language

Okay last one folks but this is a biggie: understanding your loved ones’ love language. Everyone experiences and displays affection uniquely so it’s important to learn what works for those close to you.

Are they more about quality time? Gifts? Acts of service? Paying attention to these things and acting accordingly both helps them feel appreciated & demonstrates deeper understanding between two people.

Struggling To Understand?

  • Online 5 Languages Quiz can help identify
    either party’s primary mode.
  • Start conversations around likes/dislikes/needs etc., becomes opportunity to grow relationship & better relate

Well there we have it! Five ways that will always resonate with someone who matters which isn’t too shabby when spread across different friends or family members. Remembering every day why someone we care about remains valuable than no act required however didn’t hurt if anything adds an extra layer of warmth during cold winter months, huh?

You’re welcome ya hippie-love birds.

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