When will my 3rd trimester start?

Congratulations! You are pregnant and probably experiencing all sorts of emotions. Your body is doing some incredible things, and it’s understandable if you’re wondering when your third trimester will start. This article will help shed some light on the topic while keeping a humorous tone.

Understanding Pregnancy Stages

First things first; it’s essential to understand pregnancy stages.

First Trimester

This stage runs from week one to 12

  • Here comes morning sickness
  • Fatigue takes over
  • Breasts swell
  • Hormonal changes occur

Second Trimester

This stage starts from week thirteen to twenty-four

Huge milestone Alert!!!!

You’ve probably reached the halfway point by now, which means:

  1. Visible baby bump.
  2. Baby gender scan.
  3. Better mood swings (fingers crossed).

Third Trimester?

So, let’s elaborate more on this…

Here’s what we know so far:

The average gestation period is forty weeks or nine months divided into three trimesters – duh! Therefore, the third trimester should be between weeks twenty-eight and forty.

It may start earlier in some individuals who get closer to giving birth sooner than others depending on whether you are carrying multiples or not.


As most medical professionals consider that roughly 12 weeks belong in each of the three stages of pregnancy, counting backward from due date would indicate that someone moved into their third phase at around“28” Weeks, but merely being within Week 26 through Week29 won’t necessarily mean an individual has entered their final stage yet!

It can depend upon:\

1)that person Lifestyle\
2)Medical history\
3) Whether there have been any complications thus far during the pregnancy\

The Signs That Indicates The Beginning Of Your Third Trimester

Various symptoms suggest that someone has transitioned to the final stage of gestation, but none are more interesting than

Baby Movement

Being kicked in your groin doesn’t automatically mean you’ve transitioned into your last phase. However,some women, say they have experienced an uptick in fetal activity or ‘fetal assault’ somewhere around the start of their third trimester.\
Why not try talking them outta there? Lol

Shortness Of Breath

As if heartburn weren’t enough!!, Some expectant mothers may also experience sensations similar to being short-winded approaching their third trimesters.
These aren’t panic-inducing signs; It’s merely because Pregnant Bodies need vitamin D and magnesium.

That’s why most obstetricians advise taking about 10x200mg (2g) a day from week 20 for maintenance purposes only.

It’s probably too late now, but:

  • You should have eaten those extra fruits and veggies before now
  • Lazy bones! what were you doing sleeping there all dong?

Never mind that now though; let’s check out another sign to explore!

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Hmm!, feels like cramp! but no worries it’s False Labor😜 Unless you can see King Kong coming down the stairs!!!

Fake contractions come at irregular intervals thus don’t necessarily become stronger with time – unlike true labor which starts casual then morphs on up to make one of “Game-of-thrones” type kingdoms seemingly endless episodes.

Why does this phase matter?

Once someone reaches her third trimester or Phase number dos tres(for my Spanish hommies), several exciting events take place.

“This is getting real guys!”

Go ahead grab ya popcorn sit back as we break it down:

 Stomach gets REALLY huge(like really!) 
  Shower extravaganzas (nope…not just baby showers)
   Cravings get even weirder
    Wedding-Might? Let’s hope not (actually, who cares)
     Freaking out about labor 
       My belly looks like a watermelon

The Real Deal-Kicking off Labor

Remember those false contractions from earlier!?!

Here are some things to watch for signifying it’s really happening:

Water breaking

A fluid discharge through the vagina indicates that amniotic sac has ruptured. This discharge can be quite dull or even more noticeably watery than urine.

So please don’t be confused – you did not pee your pants strictly speaking💧…justify this one as much as you would prefer!

P.S: Chocolate ice cream won’t fix everything- but is worth a try!!!!!

For labor to begin, however, regular and painful uterine contractions must occur after the rupture.

Time to give an obstetrician or midwife a call if that happens–abracadabra! Baby arriving n0w!!!!

Countdown To D-Day

The third trimester marks the last 12 weeks of pregnancy(duh again) which means anytime baby girl/boy can pop on out!!

Also officially represents crunch-time and prep-time simultaneously since women may experience all sorts of physical difficulties.(like what they haven’t already)

So get all ya shenanigans in order now if you’re slippin!

 Get Hospital Bags Outta Storage!
  Buy car seats--It ain't comfy at all being held by da ma😭
   Stock up with snacks cause cravings are coming any time soon😋.
    Do groceries run once every week at least(except for bees –they live in hives).
      Set up Cribs.
         Say NO:(to yourself!)    --   let's face it; we’ve got work 2 do!!!


There you have it!! That was hilarious!!!

One of my all-time favorite commercials right now is the one that says “pregnancy changes everything” and that’s true. From decisions on what kind of birth you want to managing morning sickness, which usually lasts 24/7 in reality…life as you knew it before is gone.

If you are wondering when your third trimester will start, don’t really scratch your scalp too much since different bodies have their unique gestation periods.

As shown earlier, some bodies experience Braxton Hicks(Or more than just!!) contractions sooner than others as a result of genetics or lifestyle choices –But kickoff times tend to be generally around week twenty-eight.

With proper preparation and support from friends and family members,get ready for an incredible life-altering experience👼!

P.S: It’s gonna be worth all the drama—- ChildRaising!!!!!!

No Regrets! Peaceout💐!

Before You go

A bonus list:

Tips For Surviving Third Trimester

1) Eat Healthily- Get those Vitamins!
2) Dress Comfortably-Trust me Stilettos ain’t worth harming baby feet.
3) Sleep on Your Sides-The safest way dude😎
4) Stay Hydrated– Water still reigns KING..err QUEEN!
5) Prepare for Labor mentally– (Lydia’s mom was MIA!)
6 ) Keep Up With Doctor Visits– they need love too!!!


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