When were air mattresses invented?

Sleep. We all love the sensation of being cocooned within our covers, being transported to a faraway land of dreams and relaxation…until we wake up feeling like we’ve been bulldozed over by a freight-train. That’s where air mattresses come in- an invention that has saved countless backs and provided comfort for millions. But when were air mattresses invented? Let’s find out!

Bubble Wrap Dreams

We can’t talk about the history of air-mattresses without talking about rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) first! Yes, that’s right; the same material that made Pong-ping balls possible was once used as cushioning on WWI pilot helmets.

But before then, famed inventor Benjamin Franklin had noticed the peculiar ability of bladder fish inflating themselves accordingly underwater depths,and he thought to himself, “Why not create something similar?”

So in 1760, Ben created his own version – blowing forward into tubes or bladders which served as cushions for pool-side lounging (cue very smart cocktail sipping scene with enlightening discussion) and boom goes the idea-bubble wrap bounce-house business.

From Luxury To Necessity

Fast forward past Napoleon Bonaparte using confiscated English stockpiles during battles & soldiers sleeping on straw mats,the late 1800s saw wealthy individuals shirking lumpy chamber beds preferring instead luxury options such as woven-cane Aloha beds from Hawaiian royalty estate.

Soon after technological advancements resulted in folding chairs with readily inflatable seats(40 yrs before airplane flotation devices),formidable World Fairs displays boasted solar energy-heated tube-airbed prototypes,paving way for mass production efficiency,succinctly visible big box stores today where we currently inflate ourselves at will just because it seems fun

Rubber Takes Center Stage

The use of latex rubber for a mattress through vulcanizing process was patented in the 18th century,all credit belonging to a man appropriately named Samuel Hopkins. However, it wasn’t until 1920s that an entire rubber air-mattress on its own was placed onto mattresses and sold as camping gear (with manual pumps).

Mass production of PVC plastic brought about high-capacity automatic pumps and opened doors for less expensive versions,making penetration common among many social classes.

Air Mattresses Take Flight

It took till the invention of airplanes before air-pumps were miniaturized enough – making inflatable devices “flight theft” candidates hence why “in flight pillows with dignity” became passé́.But off they travelled to beaches,hiking trips or music festivals serving best alternatives when traditional bedding simply isn’t available!

A Monopoly Of Comfort

Beginning early 2000’s customized WW2 era lifeboats repurposed into emergency evacuation rafts dominated marketplace due to elongated longevity(not so often perishing within two years),superior puncture resistance,durability against weight/pressure.The popularity of such mattresses are still evident in most households today.

As technology made larger capacity camper vans come easily affordable leading camping gear manufacturers invested heavily designing lightweight,easily packable options complete with foam layers& textured top surfaces recreating feeling close to home padding allowing soft entrapment unmatched by regular tents which partnered superbly aligning sales trajectory giving rise to posh new industry byproducts ;bell & yurt tents featuring small cozy en suite facilities.

The need for air mattresses continues as determined individuals seek alternatives from regularly scheduled sleep sojourns whether summer breezy beach vacationing,wilderness rain soaking hikes,travelling gig economy workers requiring temporary living situations or apartment sharers resorting comfort during lengthy subletting periods all citing essential nature hence earning rightful place amongst existential needs.

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