When to use a suppository?

In the world of medication administration, one method often gets overlooked – suppositories. But fear not my friends! Today we’re diving headfirst (or butt-first) into the wonderful world of suppositories. That’s right, we’re going there. And don’t you worry your pretty little head, because by the time we’re done here you’ll be a pro at knowing when and how to use these booty bullets.

What is a Suppository?

First things first – let’s define what exactly a suppository is. In layman’s terms, it’s basically medication that comes in bullet form that you insert into your rectum or vagina (ladies only) for absorption through the mucous membrane lining.

Rectal vs Vaginal

There are two types of suppositories: rectal and vaginal. Now I know what you might be thinking… “But wait! Aren’t they both suppostories?” Yes, they are both placed in bodily openings but there’s way more than meets the eye here as these two have different applications.


Rectal suppositories can help alleviate symptoms such as constipation and hemorrhoids because it delivers medication directly to those affected areas without losing potency through metabolism since intestines absorb slower compared to other forms of delivery like oral tablets/capsules.


Vaginal versions are used primarily for treatment of infection or irritation within reproductive area with common uses being for yeast infections & bacterial vaginosis.
(guys if this went over your head feel free to skip ahead using our handy dandy table below).

Suppository Type Application
Rectal Constipation Relief/Hemorrhoid Treatment
Vaginal Treatment for Infection/Irritation

Overall its effectiveness lies on its direct application providing faster relief compared to the oral forms.

So When do I Choose Suppositories Over Other Forms?

Well, here are some key situations where keeping your arsenal of suppositories close at hand is necessary:

1. Difficulty Swallowing

For people who have trouble swallowing pills or have gastrointestinal issues like reflux, using a rectal suppository as an alternative can be more effective because it bypasses the digestion process completely. If you suffer from bowel prep anxiety then consider opting for bisacodyl or sennosides so that it works quicker than liquid alternatives but make sure to get recommendations from your doctor beforehand rather than just winging it.

"If you're one of these people who's had trouble taking pills in the past,
 fear not - this little guy will save you!"

2. Need for Faster Onset

Anyone who has experienced a migraine or menstrual cramps knows how unbearable they can be with their usual first-line treatments being non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) painkillers like ibuprofen/naproxen which cannot provide immediate relief overnight.
In cases such as these where speedy results are required simply put Suppository rises above Oral counterparts by directly delivering drugs to body parts hence reducing metabolism and enabling faster onset.

"When cramps hit and time is something you don't have -
pop one of these up there while crying about Sara calling out sick again"

3. Patient Inability to Consume Water

We all know staying hydrated is important; however, some medical conditions or disabilities may prevent someone from drinking enough water making medication intake difficult especially when needing oral aids however no issue with those precious Little ones called SUPPOSITORIES!

"No water? No problem! Pop that booty bullet in, sit back,
 relax and let the medication absorb into yo' bloodstream."

4. Stomach Upset

Sometimes taking a medication orally can lead to an upset stomach or other gastrointestinal issues – this is where suppositories come in. Because the medicine is being delivered straight into your system sans GI tract, there will be no tummy troubles so just sit back and enjoy those meds.

"Feeling sick after taking pills? Be kind to your belly and opt for
 a suppository instead! Your booty (and stomach) will thank you."

5. Vomiting/Diarrhea

In cases like these, it’s not very convincing that oral medicines would stay down long enough to show its effects which of course doesn’t make them effective at all hence using rectal/vaginal versions come with essential benefits as beforementioned.
Also keep note that Suppositories containing Antibiotics are often recommended here for bacterial diarrhea which should never be taken orally!

"When your body has turned against you don't sweat it -
 insert one of these guys and let it work its magic down below."

6. Localized Treatment

For certain conditions such as hemorrhoids or UTIs where topical ointments/creams are preferred directly delivering active ingredient by inserting à la potty playtime saves the pressure of rubbing areas repeatedly.

“Yep, You read that right ladies & gentlemen – sometimes sticking
things up there really does fix all our problems”

What To Expect When Using Suppositories?

Now if you’re new around here then worry not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what you can expect when using suppositories:

Rectal Version

  1. Relaxation
    Take some time out in a calm environment ℅ esthetic candlelight maybe; get rid of any physical discomforts forcing bowel movement such as wiping wetness from posterior regions.

  2. Hygiene check
    Wear gloves and double-check expiration date before opening package

  3. Corralling
    Get in comfortable position whether it be on your side or doing squats, ideally within the proximity of accessible wiping materials.

  4. Lid Opening
    Some models require a preparatory measure to embark toxin-cleansing journey such as breaking open diamond-shaped cap so that devil’s grapes spit out previous meals

  5. Application Time
    Pop that bullet straight up there! Self lubrication using either commercial products is known to ease discomfort caused by inserting dry medications down below but don’t forget to wash hands!

  6. Post Insertion Actions
    This involves closing anus allowing suppository dissolve before defecating for effective remediation.

“And remember folks – when storing these little guys,
make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place.
Nobody likes a melted suppository.”

Vaginal Version

  1. Hygiene Check
    Firstly and primary most hygiene check like trimming nails could prevent injuries; thoroughly cleaning front-back while leaving area completely dry preventing infections.

  2. Hands-On
    Aforementioned maintenance with bare hands tends not viable ergo gloves usage is paramount also ensuring appropriate storage after application hence effectiveness isn’t hampered off label ensures proper adherence and utilization across time frame.

When applying pressure against labia majora then aim introductory angle towards posterior canal where medication pouring will flow downwards directly washing irritation-causing active ingredient along the way thus providing quick relief.

“All things considered if you do happen to accidentally knock someone over with one of those bad boys – We won’t tell anyone.”

Bottom Line (No Pun Intended)

Suppositories might sound weird at first glance but they’re actually super helpful when it comes to delivering medicine quickly and efficiently for conditions ranging from constipation relief to infection treatment without worrying about pre-existing conditions acting up.
But remember, always ensure you’re following administration guidelines properly lest we suffer unforeseen complications!
So grabbing your latex gloves, don’t be shy – drop that deuce (medication) in there and let it work its magic!

“Whether your plumbing issues are coming from “down under” or within the confines of
your GI tract, a suppository might just become ‘the one’ for you!”

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